Wednesday, 28 November 2007

This is bad!

I checked Gay Boss's email this morning. He asked me to check his work email every couple of days just in case something important arises. I also checked his personal email... I know I shouldn't have, email is very personal but I just couldn't resist. I'm a very curious type of person.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it can be quite easy to hack into email. The password is normally:

1) pets name

2) mothers name

3) name of partner or person you're sleeping with

Gay Boss still has his mother's name.

I found a rather strange email with a racy attachment form a guy called Alec. The email simply said:

Hi, this is me. Hope you like it. Alec

I opened the attachment. Alec was standing naked in the pic. He was holding his hard member with a cheeky grin. I was completely shocked! He did have a nice body though. And a sweet smile. Nice hair.

I know what your thinking but I was bored okay!

I decided to sign into Gay Boss's msn to see if Alec was online. He was!

Alec: hi remember me?

Me pretending to be Gay Boss: hi

Alec: we met on gaydar did you get the email?

Me pretending to be Gay Boss: yeah... you look good!

Alec: yeah? well i did say i'd send you a pic remember?

I couldn't help but flirt! He's a sweet guy and I just acted like any single girl or gay guy would. Most people would probably say good bye and sign out but not me. You know that little voice of reason that tells you to stop because you're about to do something stupid? Well I think mine died or something.

I sort of agreed to a date. Um... I don't quite know what to do. I got really carried away and I dug myself a big hole. This is bad. I could get into a lot of trouble for this. Hopefully Gay Boss will be too busy in Peru to sign in to msn.

In the mean time I need to clear up this mess... what should I do?


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Ah, that was naughty. I think you should turn up in person and apologise - have a coffee and chat. Fortunately as a gay guy he will most likely see the amusing side of it.

By the way, I would have done the same thing...

hayley-emsley said...

SHOCK HORROR ELISE!!! haha. I would email him and cancel, pretend to be Gay boss and say someone was messing round with his computer??? Dunno what else really? haha

I have tagged you to complete a MEME (i didn't have a clue what this was) but check my blog and it explains all.


Hayley x

Kitty said...

You need to go through a transgender program pretty darned quick. Or dress as a guy for the date, and hope Mr Nice Hair doesn't try it on. Or contact him and leave a flirty but believable excuse ... say you've had to go to Peru at short notice. ;-) x

Elise said...

Ooo I like that! I'll email him and say I needed to go to Peru! ...but then Gay Boss wil definitely know when he gets back and Alec says "Hey now that your back how about that date?"

Grilled Pizza said...

Erm, keep your head down and hope for the best lol x

Glugster said...

Hahahaha. This is funny! Sorry, you're on your own here! I'm sure you'll come up with something.

The Divine Miss M said...

Elise - the only thing I can think of is DON'T CONNECT IN TO YOUR BOSSES CHAT SYSTEM!

I hope you have an understanding boss because honestly I hate to be the barer of bad news you don't really have any way out of this. You tell the guy, what are the chances he won't mention it to gay boss? You tell him you're going to Peru (as gay boss) and gay boss will realise that someone was using his system and he knows that you check his mail. You ignore it and the guy will ask gay boss what happened.

Come clean! And I really hope that everyone is lovely and understanding!

C.Rag said...

Did you strangler that voice of reason?

You should send a picture of yourself naked grabbing yourself back to him. He may be bi.

Michelle Hix said...

ooh...I don't know girl. He's going to always have those emails coming from your boss' account so he can prove that they were sent when your boss asks him what he's talking about. Your boss will see the date on them and know that they were sent when he was out of town.

Elise said...

Oh my God Michelle! You have completely freaked me out. More than I was before...!

Kathleen said...

Think Stoner's up for a little acting...just for you Elise? Get him to meet Alec and pretend he hacked into Gay Boss's computer because he happened to see the pic.
Or, you meet with Alec, and tell him that Gay Boss just chickened out and sent you to tell him (you're very close). Tell him Gay Boss is in a serious relationship and his partner discovered the e-mail when he left his laptop open on the kitchen table.
I agree with have been a bad girl!

Cocaine Princess said...

Thank you for leaving a sweet comment about Valentina's daddy, he truly is a remarkable man!! I love when you write about Gay Boss.
Cocaine Princess

Tequila Mockingbird said...

my bestest friend in the whole wide world is gay, and he picks up some of the hottest pieces of ass, EVER! it's times like these i know i wish i had a cock...

Will said...

Take 2 aspirin, give yourself a spanking, and call me in the morning!

[Ps: If you can hack into my e-mail, please feel free to fondle my attachment, k?]


Tequila Mockingbird said...
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Chickie said...

Dang girl, you are a nut. :)

I like Kathleen's idea about sending Stoner to the meeting. Good luck!

Punk Picasso said...

okay- i cannot tell a lie. call it george washington complex.

haha. i'm assuming (which is never a good idea) that you have a pretty good relationship with gay boss, especially if he's letting you check his work e-mail.

i'd tell him he had accidently left his instant messanger on, and you, being curious, got into a conversation with alec as him.

i'd then tell him you set up a date for him and alec... sometimes honesty (with a little white lie here and there) is best.

but thats just my good ol' honest abe opinion!

good luck!
-- ZOE

p.s- thanks for taking a look at my blog! i enjoyed reading yours immensly- guess you can add me to your fanlist, haha.

Simply Curious said...

Haha, you're in deep shit. I signed into one of my boss's Yahoo ids once and got into somewhat of the same mess. You better come clean, or you're SO I had no idea my boss was in the closet until I saw his Yahoo id was something like HotDeena, something something. It was his own fault for leaving it open. Right?

Mike said...

I don't know what to tell you except that I find this really amusing for some reason. I probably shouldn't, but I do.

X-Man said...

Oh man! It's funny cuz it's not me! But what I would do is tell Gay Boss that his MSN signed in automatically and tell him the truth about this person asking for a date. Tell Gay Boss that you thought you were doing him a favour by agreeing to the date and let him know that you'll make up an excuse for him if he doesn't wanna go through with the date. Don't mention that you saw the email and the attachment...just mark that thing as unread and forget it. Maybe Gay Boss will be happy about the date??

Elise said...

Oh why didn't you say something earlier! I've already hatched a plan to sort out this problem. I'll lay it down for you guys soon. My (Gay Boss's) date is Friday night....

Keriam said...

I myself may have gotten into some of my co-workers e-mails when they left them open at work. We all use the same computers when we are in production. And I may or may not have altered a few of their e-mailing options like enabling their automatic signatures and of course these signatures would have been personalized for them. Maybe something like Sincerely yours,
I contact the guy and fess up. Just tell him that gay boss is a great guy and he looks like a great guy and you were just trying to hook him up but that maybe in the future he could keep this little bit of info to himself so that you don't get fired or something close.
By the way thanks for all your input Elise. You are such a fantastic writer I really value your opinion. My work is very important to me.

Love Ya' and good luck!

roentarre said...

I did not know how much I had missed until reading this post. Beautifully written as usual