Monday, 5 November 2007


This morning was relatively quiet. I went over some case details with Gay Boss . Apparently Old Prick doesn't have any case against us. He has a serious lack of hard evidence. Gay Boss has decided to ask him to clear out his desk on Thursday and tell him to leave the premises. I can't wait for it.

I got a call from the Solicitors Firm around mid-day. I answered the phone as I put a red grape into my mouth, expecting it to be Bimbo with plans for lunch. I almost chocked when I heard his deep husky voice. I swallowed my grape whole and acted as natural as possible. He called to congratulate me on the fact that the case didn't go to court. I felt a slight pang as I realised that I probably wouldn't see him again. I know he's the bastard that broke my heart years ago but the thought of never seeing him or kissing him again... well it sort of made me feel like crying.

An hour later he called back and asked me what I was doing tonight. (Damn! there goes the wave of heat and that ridiculous heartbeat of mine again. I really should get an appointment with a doctor or something) He asked me to go to a firework's display with him.

I can't actually remember agreeing to this. He pretty much told me he'd pick me up at 6pm. I feel so nervous! I wonder if we're going with a group of his friends. Maybe he just wants me to be his friend. The type that you only see with a group of people.
What if we're alone?

I better go down to Admin later and ask Bimbo to make-me-up. Wish me luck...


C.Rag said...

good luck!

I have TurdBoss & QB (Queen Bitch) for bosses.

Kathleen said...

Is his name Guy Fawkes or something? The only fireworks you're going to see (I suspect) are the one's you'll be generating together. Bonne chance (you vixen, you.)


Cindy Breninger said...

Good luck! Oh, as for the timechange, just start over tomorrow and you can start you sleeping in celebration then! :) hehe
Cindy Breninger

Anonymous said...

ok I have caught up on the read. Good luck to ya. May you get what you want, and leave him wanting more. That'll teach him!
much respect~d

ps thanks for linking to me in blogroll. I do not know how it is I have not yet done the same. I will get you in there today. oh, and do take a look at my daughter's recent hobby.

PB&Junk said...

fireworks indeed!

Cocaine Princess said...

My sweetest Elise,

It's people like you, who are so kind and encouraging who give me the strength to keep on writing and not to give up. I send you XOXOXO's.

Cocaine Princess

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Hmmmm, fireworks indeed.

e said...

Behave and don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you do somthing like that name it after me.

Hannah said...

I updated that story I was writing. Somewhat... just thought I'd tell you in case you wanted to check it out :]