Friday, 23 November 2007

A nice mug of hot chocolate

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me advice and encouragement during my little emotional episode. Its quite a relief to write everything down and receive lots of support.

I sincerely hope that Old Prick isn't using his current unemployed status to search and read blogs. It occurred to me late last night that he may stumble across mine. Not only would he find previous blog entries about himself but he'd also realise that I do have feelings and that like most women, I do cry!

Work is extremely quiet today. Gay Boss has left to embark on a travelling experience in South America. The Creative team have decided to sleep in after working through the night last night. Bimbo has a doctors appointment (for a really good reason this time, not because she thinks she may have contracted AIDS from accidentally brushing past a skinning bald man) . And I never bother with Accounts... The department is like walking into a morgue.

CEO called this morning. He always gets worried when Gay Boss goes on holiday. He seems to think the employees will set fire to the building and run around holding up banners that deface the company logo. He nervously spoke to me for ages about calling him if anything goes wrong. I really wanted him to appoint me Stand-in Manging Director through to the end of the year, but he doesn't believe in temporary elevation of employee status. He thinks it causes unnecessary tension.

Its Friday, and I may treat myself and download the latest episode of Ugly Betty from 4od and watch it at my desk with a nice mug of hot chocolate....



Kitty said...

Even if Old Prick were surfing the net and happened across your blog, how would he know that he is the Old Prick to whom you refer? You could be talking about any Old Prick. :-D

Take care :-) x

Grilled Pizza said...

But what of Solicitor???

hayley-emsley said...

You have that Hot Choc Elise, you more than anyone deserve it!! You are always here for us going through your emotions and yet you still write lovely and encouraging comments to us all!

Infact, stick some marshmallows and some whipped cream on top!!

I hope you have a good day, with relief on your shoulders!

Love Hayley x

Michelle Hix said...


Where do you get your photographs for your blog? They are always so perfect! I need to add pics to some of my poetry I think.

Kathleen said...

You know, a wee dram of peppermint schnapps can make the most of a cup of hot chocolate. I'm just saying.

Good idea...put Solicitor on the b/b for a while and let things chill.

Kitty's right. How would Old Prick have any inkling that you are writing this? Doubt he would even check the blog anyway...he might mistake the title for a Lesbo (no offense intended) diary. ha ha!


Valley Girl said...

Hot chocolate is one of life's simple pleasures. Enjoy!

Glugster said...

Hmmmmm. Old Pricks and Hot Chocolate. Interesting combination.

Keriam said...

I prefer a few chocolate chips along with my marshmallows and hot chocolate. Old movies,Ben and Jerry's icecream,and a piping hot mug of tea make emotional upheavals easier to get thru. Don't forget the fluffy slippers and warm bath robe. Take some time for yourself you derserve it.

Cocaine Princess said...

I worry about Senor Bling reading my blogs but I'm not sure if he even knows I have a blog. If he does at least he'll know I'm serious about not wanting to be with him anymore. What a strange thing love is, at one time I was so in love with him and now I have nothing but hate for him. Hope you enjoyed the episode of Ugly Betty, I love that show. I do hope you are well, kinda worried about you.
Cocaine Princess

Mystery Woman said... know I love your catiness and you. I hope you enjoyed yourself this certainly need a little you time.

Love ya...xoxox

astrogalaxy said...

Very nice site... I'll be back again.
Love the colours & photos..