Friday, 16 November 2007

"The Name's Pierce...."

Bimbo is pregnant.

She called me late last night hysterically crying. I told her to calm down. I honestly believed that she'd got it wrong; mistaken positive for negative again. It took almost an hour to drive to her place. I was absolutely freezing and slightly pissed off with her.

When I arrived I told her take the test again. The blue line appeared. I needed a cup of tea. It was going to be a long night.

After another hour of considering her options I convinced her to call her boyfriend. As soon as he answered his phone Bimbo began crying hysterically again. I had to take over and speak to him. I asked him to come over because she needed him.

Bimbo's boyfriend looks like Pierce Brosnan! I couldn't help but stare when I opened the door. I half expected him to say "The name's Bond, James Bond."

He was really sweet and concerned when he saw what a state Bimbo was in; she was wrapped in a Mickey Mouse bed sheet quietly hiccuping from crying so much. I was tired and desperate to get home so I put the kettle on and left them to talk.

She's taken the day off work. Pierce called earlier to thank me for last night. He seems to care a lot about Bimbo.

Solicitor is coming back from France today. I've invited him to my place dinner tonight. I'm not sure what I'm going to cook yet but I hope surfing the Internet will give me some ideas.

After seeing how much Pierce genuinely cared about Bimbo I can't help thinking about Solicitor. I wonder if we'll ever be together properly. I wonder what it would be like if he actually really loved me. I feel a physical ache when I think about him loving me. Its so strong. Its way too early to be thinking about it, but it doesn't stop me wanting it...

I feel quite emotional now. Get a hold of yourself Elise! Stop being so stupid


Michelle Hix said...

I'm glad you were there for Bimbo last night. Good luck with dinner. Make something you can feed him with your fingers!

Mike said...

It's always good to have friends that you can call when things go wrong. I hope Bimbo is thankful.

black_mamba said...

Bimbo is one lucky gal. Friends like you are hard to come by these days :)

Kellan said...

I too, am glad you were there for you friend. Thank you for coming over and leaving such a nice Anniversary wish. Take care and see you soon. Kellan

Kitty said...

Hi Elise ... thanks for visiting.

I've had a great time reading your blog - hope all goes well with Solicitor (and that Bimbo and Pierce work something out).

Kathleen said...

Nice of you to take good care of your friend. She sounds like she needs you. Also nice that she has someone who genuinely cares about her.

Love? Hmmm. I had a feeling that would be creeping into things eventually. If you want to know if he's thinking the same way, tell him you can't see him for a while (you can do it!) and see what he does.
Oh, good recipes at

Good Luck on your mission!


Cindy Breninger said...

I am glad the boyfriend was nice about it. Glad you were there for her. :)

Chickie said...

I just went through your archives and got caught up to here. Love how you write!

At least it sounds as if Bimbo has someone to that will take care of her.

Ess47 said...

Hi Elise,
Thanks for dropping in!
Your blog makes for compulsive reading. I'm looking forward to seeing the book when it comes out.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Not all boyfriends freak about an unexpected pregnancy - thankfully.

You were good to look after Bimbo. Kind actions from friends sustain us throught tough times.

She may need to return the favour one day.

Christopher Gehler said...

They all say they're glad to see you helped your friend... Sorry to say, can't exactly see the friendliness is referring to her as bimbo Though a well maintained acquaintance maybe? Well, it's always good to help those in need, I'll give you that at least, since I'm guilty of it too.

As for love, ah darling... We all hope for it, but in this day and age, it's one of those lost causes not even worth hoping for. In my opinion, at least.

Hope to see more of you on my blog love, ta.


Will said...

Break out the Pasta!
~~(You can never go wrong with Pasta. Never.)~~

And take it from Bimbo:
Condoms, dear. Condoms.



hayley-emsley said...

Hi Elise,

It was so nice that you were there for Bimbo, hope she is ok? I also hope that Pierce stays with her for their baby. She is very lucky to have you there for her. Friends like you are hard to find.


City Girl said...

Poor bimbo! At least her boyfriend is really supportive, and I'm glad she had you to turn to as well :)

As for your feelings/thoughts about Solicitor, I know what you mean. I just can't help getting ahead of myself sometimes, at least in my head! It's totally normal ;)