Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I can't find Stoner

I can't find Stoner.

He didn't come into work today and he's phone is switched off.

Solicitor called last night. I felt really emotional when I heard his voice. He sounded so easy going I just wanted to see him and be held by him. He wanted to see me but I managed to say no. I told him that I had a lot of work to catch up on. It wasn't really a lie. I do have a lot to do. He asked me what was wrong. He sounded so concerned, I was afraid my voice would break. I mustered up as much control as I could and told him I was tired. I felt so lonely when we hung up.

I look like hell again. I came into work having approximately 3 hours sleep. Bimbo decided to try out lilac eyeshadow on me today, apparently it sets off my green eyes (whatever that means). She's as happy as can be at the moment. She's even loving her morning sickness. I can't really understand that, but then again I've never been in that situation....

I've called Stoner countless times and he won't pick up.

I was supposed to do something today but I can't remember what it was....

They are hundreds of questions in my mind that I want to ask Solicitor:

1)Are you married?

2)Are you seeing anybody else?

3)Have you killed anybody?

4)Did you kill your wife?

5)How do you know Stoner?

6)How does Stoner know you?

7)What is going on?

8)Why did you buy me diamonds?

9)Do you love me?

10)If you do why didn't you say it?

11)If you don't why did you buy me diamonds?

I'm not thinking clearly. If I spoke to him now I'd make a fool of myself.
I need to speak to Stoner.

Where the hell is he?!


Kathleen said...

Solicitor couldn't be gay, could he? Is Stoner?
(I've been watching too much Coronation Street.)


Elise said...

Oh my God! You are too much Kat! You made me laugh...

Um Solicitor is definitely not gay.... Trust me!

Stoner? I don't think so. I don't really care, I just need to contact him

Glugster said...

OK. I've been lurking for a few days but think it's time that I comment.

Please speak to Solicitor. As a man myself, there is nothing more frustrating than a women not telling him what's wrong. He obviously cares for you. Do you really think it will be any easier to talk to him after Stoner told you something terrible? Just talk to the man, dammit.

Frankly, I think Stoner is causing you a lot of undue stress, and in all probability it's because of something inconsequential.

Elise said...


Thank you... I actually feel really stupid now.

I'm going to speak to him tonight


X-Man said...

Wow, what a great blog! I found myself at work today reading everything from the start. This should be a TV show!

The Divine Miss M said...

I agree with x-men, I found your blog yesterday and am really enjoying reading it!

But I must say that I agree with glugster, talk to him. He obviously does care and wants to see and you bought you diamonds!

Unfortunately though I'm not trusting of those city types and I hope for your sake that he isn't married. That seems to happen way to often in the square mile :(

Let us know how it goes hon.

Kitty said...

Maybe Stoner isn't answering his phone for all kinds of reasons - not because it's you calling? Maybe he's ill? Maybe he lost his phone? Maybe he left his phone in the car?

Don't drive yourself mad wondering ... it's not worth it.

Take care :-) x

hayley-emsley said...

Stoner might be in love with you!!! The way he talks to you, hugs you, talks about your problems!! I had a friend like that and then eventually he admitted that he loved me and that he was the way he was to get close to me.

Maybe he has seen how hung up on solicitor guy and wants to tell you he's fallen for you!? Maybe he planted the seed of doubt in your head so you actually think it and run to him for support?

Hmmmmmm sorry if i have added to your list of unanswered questions...!

Hope you find him!!!!

Hayley x

Mike said...

I think glugster hit the nail on the head. You need to talk to Solicitor and don't take anyone's word for it but his. Too many others may have ulterior motives.

This whole thing, by the way, is rather addictive reading.

Grilled Pizza said...

Definitely addictive reading, talk to him, your readers need to know!
Hope you ok x

kay_ski said...

aahhh there's a million things in my head and I can't imagine to be in your shoes!

Question #12 - Did you find out Stoner was going to tell me your secret and you killed him along with your wife?

just kidding...
but no seriously, 2 people really hit it on the head...
Glugster was right, you should talk to Solicitor immediately. I wouldn't necessarily throw stoner under the boss and start off with "well stoner mentioned he knew something..." Find a way around it.
Hayley is right when she says Stoner is probably in love with you... And the poor man probably shut his phone off because he doesn't know quite how to tell you, and knew you would call...
I would talk to Solicitor before Stoner finds a way to make you doubt him...

Sheesh. And I thought I had guy problems...

Hope it all works out soon! I'm dying to find out what happens...


Kathleen said...

Wait a minute...Kay__Ski, "Throw Stoner under the boss"??? See! Now we're getting back to my theory. Isn't it "Gay Boss"? Elise?

Cocaine Princess said...

Stay strong Elise and when all else fails, listen closely to your heart. It may not be the answer you want but it'll always be the right one.
In answer to your question- No I don't use drugs, never have. I don't smoke and I hardly ever drink. I have nothing to do with the business other than I was born into a family that is in the drug business.
Cocaine Princess

Cocaine Princess said...

It's me again, the Princess. I just want you to know that I am trying to add your blog to mine as well as a few others, but I am having so much trouble, so please be patient, I'm trying. I've never been very technical.
Cocaine Princess

Will said...

I'm fashioning a guess, but maybe Stoner is like..Stoned..and that's why he's not answering the phone.

(stick w/Solicitor...
I don't why I say that.)

Are you free after Thanksgiving?


Pixie said...

I think you got a result there. Looking forward to the next episode x