Thursday, 1 November 2007

Dial M For Mistake...

After the strange encounter with my past on Monday I spent the whole day yesterday completely focused on work to occupy my mind. Today I came to work knowing I had absolutely nothing to do. Gay Boss had a meeting with a client in Yorkshire, so its extremely unlikely he'd come in to work at all. Scruffy Artist and Stoner had both taken the day off. They worked all night last night so I suppose it was owed to them. Old Prick had another "dentist" appointment with his solicitor.

I staggered to my office fully armed with magazines wishing that I had left some work to do today. I saw it on my desk as soon as I walked in. A perfect white rose with a small note beside it. The note was unsigned but I knew exactly who it was from. It had the same handwriting as a note I'd received years ago. It simply said "I'm sorry".

In a fit of rage I stormed down to Admin to demand how the rose got into my office. I found Bimbo sitting at her desk on the phone. I waited impatiently for her to finish. She smiled dreamily when I asked her about the rose. She said a really sweet guy came in around 6pm yesterday looking for me. She told him he could leave it on my desk.

He hand delivered it! Oh my God what is he doing?

I called his firm when I got back to my office. He answered in a familiar sexy voice. I snapped and lost my temper. I told him he had no right to come into my office without me being there. I told him that whatever contact the two of us have would be strictly professional and that the rose was completely out of line. He waited for me to finish my rant before calmly apologising. He said that he thought an apology was appropriate to clear the air between us and that he didn't mean to cause distress.

Cause distress?! I'm not distressed! He's definitely not worth distressing about.

I quickly cooled down and tried to sound normal. I apologised for my outburst and told him that I'd had a difficult week and I lost my temper. I thanked him for the gesture. He laughed and said that he remembered I had a fiery temper. I fought the urge to tell him to go fuck himself. I just laughed politely and we said our "take-cares".

I completely screwed up. I left things so perfectly on Monday. Now I've made a complete fool of myself. God he sounded sexy!

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone rang. It was Gay Boss. He's expecting some important letters concerning the legal problem with Old Prick. He wants me to open and read them, photocopy them and file them away in his box of "evidence" in his office. We have an appointment with the solicitors tomorrow so he wants to be prepared.

Damn I forgot I was seeing him tomorrow. I shouldn't have called him. I should have completely ignored the rose thing and act like I'd never seen it. I can't get him out of my head. The asshole! What is wrong with me?

Its okay, I have secret files to keep me occupied for a while. Must concentrate....


Kathleen said...

You're going to crack, Elise, I can tell. Don't do it! Don't let him win. As a married woman of 14 years who saw a lot of grief in her 20s and the dating sphere - I can look back and see all the mistakes I made with the loads of fellas I sparred with. You are treading a dangerous path. Ha ha. If you sleep with this bloke, you will give him the ultimate story of satisfaction for the rest of his life and I guarantee he'll be sharing it at a dinner table with his wife and his friends and you won't even be in the picture! DON'T DO IT!!!Poetikat\\btw, I Love you pictures.

roentarre said...

When people are under duress, all sorts of things could happen. A nice person might end up having quite a different persona from the usual self.

e said...

I have to tell you I absolutely love your names for the people you work with. I think the reason the names are so funny because we can all relate.

City Girl said...

Yes, love hurts and CAN be wonderful...but unfortunately it isn't always! Oh well. (In reference to your comment on my last post)

Anyway! I laughed when I read that you had to struggle to stop from telling him to go fuck himself. LOL Brilliant.

Hope the secret files kept you occupied!! ;)

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Life is short, do what you need to do. Just make sure you can live with the consequences. Then again, you don't want to leave this earth wondering... Or get to the age where you are old and wrinkly with regrets that you never did what you really, really wanted to do.

It is all so difficult sometimes.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your pictures and your witty dialogue.