Thursday, 15 November 2007

Psychological Issues

I have a strong suspicion that Bimbo may have psychological issues.

I've known Bimbo for almost 4 years and we're roughly the same age. There are three things about her personality that stand out;

1) Bimbo is an extremely emotional person. Whenever she is happy she bounces around and sings out loud with a huge smile on her face. She very much like a child on Christmas morning. She also tends to cry a lot regardless of where she is. If she sees a sad RSPCA poster on the train she will cry, even if she is travelling alone. I worry about her being in the outside world. There are hundreds of sick people that would spot her venerability a mile away and take advantage of her.

2) Bimbo is not the smartest person in the world. In fact she seems to be quite far from it. For a long time Bimbo believed that you had to be elected to vote in a general election. I remember the actual conversation 3 years ago when she discovered that she could vote;

Bimbo: "I feel bad for Tony Blair. He's just trying to do his job. It must be hard being in charge"

Me: "Well you should vote Labour in the next election"

Bimbo: "I would definitely, if I got elected to vote"

Me: ""

Bimbo: "You know, if I got that letter in the post saying that I've been elected to vote. I've never had one so I should get one soon."

Me: "But you can vote.... that's the whole idea of a general election!"

Bimbo: "You mean anytime?"

Me: "Um yes!"

I really don't know what planet she's been living on so far...

3) Bimbo is a hypacondriact. Its very difficult to be one if you can't grasp what the actual condition is. She once hit her head on a cupboard door and freaked out because she thought it caused a brain tumor. Most GPs have a three day waiting list for an appointment, but Bimbo seems to get one straight away. I think the doctor must get a kick out of what she tells him. It must brighten up his dull day...

This morning I found her at her desk read eyed flicking through Heat magazine. Hoping that she wasn't upset that Sienna Miller had the same shoes as her, I asked her what was wrong. She burst into tears and told me that she thinks she's pregnant.

I would like to believe her I really would. But I really don't know what to say. I advised her to take a pregnancy test. Apparently the clinic won't give her a free one because she's had quite a few this year so she'll have to pay £29.99 for one at the local chemist on her way home from work.

When I got to my office I started to worry. What if she is pregnant? How on earth is she going to deal with it?
Friendship is so straining on the brain!


C.Rag said...

I have a co-worker/friend who is also very emotional.
She tomorrow is her last day at work because her emotional actions put a lot of pressure on her by the bosses.
I'm not sure how people like that survive.

Grilled Pizza said...

Pregnancy tests, 2 for £1 in Asda!
Thanks for the comment, could you just kill the cat sometimes lol

Christopher Gehler said...

Brilliant. And yes, apparently friendship to the... I'm attempting to find a better word than 'incompetent' but, even while in my English class, I fail to do so. Interestingly enough you found my blog after I found yours... I'm going to be adding elisecrets to my list of worthwhile blogs. Wonder if you might do me the same favor since I'm looking for a bit of a network.

Again, brilliant.


moooooog35 said...

She can't be pregnant.

She hasn't received the card in the mail saying she was eligible for it.

Michelle Hix said...

Oh no...wait till she finds out what she really has to do to get pregnant...

Cocaine Princess said...

I love your blogs- the Bimbo one especially! You have asked me some questions in regards to my last blog. It does raise many questions doesn't it. Patience my dear, patience.
Cocaine Princess

P.S. How do I add your blog to mine?