Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Smoking in the disabled toilets

I don't normally smoke, I officially gave up when I graduated from university, but this morning I reached from my squashed emergency cigarette and made my way to the disabled toilets just outside the Accounts department. By law we're not allowed to smoke at work but it was raining and I didn't want to get soaked.

The toilets are what most people regard as a safe haven. They have never been used, the tiles look brand new and I don't think anyone has ever lifted the lid of the seat. Unlike the rest of the toilets in the building, the disabled toilets have a lock on the inside.

The door was locked when I got there and there was a slight suspicious smell coming through. Stoner from the Creative department was inside smoking a spliff. I knocked on the door and whispered for him to let me in. I locked the door behind me and sat on the ledge near the sink. Stoner flushed the remainder of his spliff down the sink and sat on the ledge next to me.

I've missed speaking to him. Although Bimbo is technically my closest friend at work I find myself confiding more in Stoner. Bimbo tends to speak without thinking and I don't particularly feel like having my life broadcast around work.

I gave Stoner an update on the last few weeks. Old Prick's accusation. Meeting Solicitor. The diamonds. The L word. Stoner was suprised that Solicitor and I were seeing each other. I'm suprised he even knows Solicitor. He knows something. I can tell. When I asked him he tried to avoid the question.

I got angry. I'd just poured my heart out and if Stoner has some information that I should know about then I think he has a moral obligation to tell me. He hugged me and promised he'd tell me whatever it is but he needs to check out something first.

Check something first? Oh my God! Solicitors married isn't he?

I can't stop thinking about it. Stoner has disappeared for the day. He apparently has a meeting with a website designer this afternoon and I can't get hold of him. I feel a horrible dull pain in the pit of my stomach. I'm terrified. I don't know what Stoner knows but I'm scared I won't be able to handle it.


C.Rag said...

Track Stoner down!
Waiting a day or too is going to drive you mad.
At least it would drive me mad.

hayley-emsley said...

I agree, go and find Stoner, he shouldn't have got off and left you to stew!!!

I hope it isn't bad news!!!

I'm routing for you!

Hayley x

Ess47 said...

Hi Elise,

Gripping stuff!


Christopher Gehler said...

Calm down a tad, Elise. It'll all turn out. I can't say as to whether or not it will turn out good or bad, but it'll turn out. Something I often tell my friends who are worrying about the same sort of thing is:

Worrying is useless. You dwell and dwell, yet that won't help to make the outcome any different. It'll only make you bat-shit crazy and over analytical. So calm down, take some deep breaths, smoke a bowl, whatever it is you have to do to calm down, because to worry is to waste.

Kathleen said...

Oh dear, oh dear.
Have you googled "Solicitor"? Have you checked the phone book? Have you driven past his place when he's not home? I would.
If you can't find Stoner -- and there's no guarantee he will tell you anyway-- you have to do some research yourself...for your own sanity.

Fingers crossed. Maybe you're over-reacting. Maybe Stoner is jealous and just wants to put you on edge.

Keep us posted. Good Luck!

kay_ski said...

Elise, thank you so much for the feedback on my blog. I've read quite a few of your entires and it's absolutely riveting! I'm terrified to find out what Stoner has to say... Wish you the best of luck with it!


Michelle Hix said...


If Stoner boy knows more about this man than you do...well, that's not good. Sounds like Stoner was surprised at how close you've become and for some reason this doesn't seem possible to him knowing what he knows. But maybe Solicitor just got out of a relationship not long ago and Stoner wants to make sure he's really done. While I certainly can appreciate the excitement of jumping in with both feet and your whole heart, I think you are investing your emotions too quickly in a man who does not deserve you...yet anyway. I hope Stoner can clear some things up since Solicitor seems to not have the words that you need to hear.

maxxo said...

inclandestine moments in the disabled bogs. the plot thickens. priceless.

Keriam said...

It could be a case of solicitor's past catching up with him. Maybe there are really not terrible skeletons in the closet. I know how you feel though the "L" word used for the first time now this it can be overwhelming. Men just don't know about a gal's lack of patience when in comes to needing all the info and needing it like, say, YESTERDAY!!! Hang in there girl. Don't pull your hair out. I know how you feel though I could fit all of my patience on the head of a pin.

Grilled Pizza said...

Have you fouund stoner yet??

Elphaba said...

Your life is way much more interesting than a fiction book!


Tequila Mockingbird said...

hmm... well his name IS stoner... maybe he got the munchies and tried to find a white castle and got lost.