Monday, 8 October 2007

Monday Morning Clarity..

I spent all night preparing for a presentation for this morning only to find out that it's been cancelled. I feel awful! The Pro-Plus is starting to kick in. I no longer feel tired but I have a dull headache.

Bimbo from Admin called a while ago to let me know that Gay Boss has a terrible cold and won't be coming in today. Of course I quickly jumped to the conclusion that 4eyes must also have a bad cold so I took a little walk to Accounts.

For some odd reason Accounts was buzzing with excitement. I couldn't see 4eyes anywhere so I asked Piggy if she knew where I could find him. Piggy is probably the most unfriendly person in the world. She has a permanent frown pasted on her sweating pink face and she had an uncanny knack for answering every question with a snort or a grunt. Today was no different. She sized me up with her small beady eyes and grunted. She pointed me in the direction of the toilets before stomping off.

I waited. And waited.... Paced the corridor. And waited some more.
4eyes finally emerged looking worse than ever. His eyes were swollen and his nose was red. I knew it! They're both ill from they're encounter on Friday... Oh my god! Maybe they spent the weekend together too!

Actually.... 4eyes looked like he'd been... crying?!

I didn't know what to do so I did something that I don't normally do... I hugged him. I held him while he dissolved into sobs. Piggy walked passed and gave us a strange look. Shit I hope she didn't think there was something going on! I mean 4eyes is married and possibly gay. And he's definately not my type! Scared that we'd be spotted again I walked him into the disabled toilets. I locked the door while he sat on the toilet seat ripping tissue from the roll.

"My brother's gay!" he sobbed. His brother?! What the fuck!

An hour later it all made sense. And 4eyes had definitely had a mad week!

He caught his teenage brother going into a Gay Bar last Tuesday. He was driving past the bar on his way to Lamaze class with his wife when he spotted him in the queue with another guy.

On Wednesday he couldn't concentrate at work and he messed up a few of the invoices. He'd spent all day thinking about what he was going to do.

Gay Boss pulled him up regarding the invoices on Thursday morning. 4eyes couldn't hold it in so he told Gay Boss everything in confidence. Gay Boss convinced him it might be nothing, but if he wanted to, he would go to the bar with him to see if his brother was there. (I guess he took him up on the offer because Stoner saw them both that night). He wasn't there but there was a guy there called Timmy who knew 4eyes' brother and he told them that they were all going to a Rainbow Bar in Vauxhall on Friday. (The other conversation that Stoner picked up on).

On Friday 4eyes went to Vauxhall alone. Gay Boss couldn't make it because he was feeling ill. 4eyes saw his brother kissing a bloke under the bridge outside a pub and he went mental. He starting hitting him etc

They had a family dinner on Saturday and being a right idiot 4eyes told them all at the dinner table. His mother cried and his father went mad at his brother.

On Sunday his father kicked his brother out of the house. Now 4eyes feels really guilty.

And I feel really stupid. I thought he was cheating on his wife! Damn it Elise! Stop getting carried away with gossip...

I offered 4eyes words of comfort and a few more hugs. After promising not to tell anyone I left him in the toilets and made my way back to the office. Of course I had to call Stoner and let him know everything. And write it all down...

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roentarre said...

This is an enterntaiment read. It seems that there are plenty of gay guys around, especially there are more and more so called straight guys that are turning to be gays...

Really enjoy your style of writing and the nostalgic photographs really making the whole site classic!