Friday, 5 October 2007


This morning the gossiper inside me was a little thrilled by Stoner's random discovery. Its Friday and a little nosing around is sure to make the day go by faster.

Thinking about it now I'm not sure how to feel. If Stoner's right and Gay Boss was with 4eyes last night then there are so many issues that have suddenly emerged:

  • 4eyes is cheating on his wife

  • he has a three year old daughter to think about

  • he's either Gay or Bisexual

  • an office affair is hardly appropriate

  • being involved with your boss can be seen as manipulation

4eyes cheating on his wife:

Okay I strongly believe that cheating on your partner is wrong. It is so hurtful in so many ways. It shows a complete lack of respect.

Three year old daughter:

I know times are different now but when I was three years old family security was probably the most important thing in my life. Parents divorcing or separating can be so difficult for a child of that age, and I do believe it can contributes to many issues later on in life.

And i know that we live in a liberal society, but finding out your father is gay can be extremely shocking and I think can also contribute to problems later in life. Especially if you are too young to fully understand it.

Gay or Bisexual:

This is madness. There are so many stories of straight people suddenly deciding that they are gay or bisexual. Many gay people believe that homosexuality is innate. If that's true then why do straight people turn gay? There are stories of over 30 years of marriage going down the pan because someone has suddenly decided that they are gay and they want to be true to themselves. Is it innate or society?

An Office Affair:

Can you combine work and personal life? I don't think its appropriate... If something goes wrong in the relationship how can work life not suffer as a result?

Involved with Boss:

I don't think its right. The Boss will always give you special treatment if your intimately involved. It unfair on the rest of the employees. And what if you break up? Being sacked for personal reasons is wrong. Leaving because its awkward... well what are you going to tell your next employee "Reason for leaving? Um I slept with my Boss and now its awkward being there"

I can't stop thinking about how bad this would be if its true.... I mean its fun to gossip but I think people will get hurt...

Shit! what a stupid time for me to develop a conscience! Fuck it, I need to find out the truth. And after that I'll weigh out my options: to spread gossip or not to spread gossip? that is the question!

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