Friday, 5 October 2007

Breakfast with Stoner

I just had breakfast with Stoner.

Stoner is part of the "Creative Team" with Scruffy Artist. The Creative Team usually arrive at work at around 10:30am. They have no strict schedule and its not a problem as long as they get their work done. Stoner normally gets in around noon so it was a bit of a surprise bumping into him at the coffee shop.

He's table had a mountain of mini muffins on his table and being a such a generous person he offered me breakfast while he told me about his wild night. He told me he'd been at work since 4:30am! Why the hell would anybody come in so bloody early?!

He'd gone to a club last night with a bunch of druggie students that he knew from Uni. After taking E they thought it would be a great idea to toddle off to a Gay-Bar and make a few friends. (Apparently people on E just love to hug people. I suppose hugging takes place in alot of Gay-Bars..?) Anyway, while they were making friends Stoner notice Gay Boss in a corner chatting to some guy... He thinks its 4eyes from Accounts!

Okay that is completely shocking. Not only is Gay Boss still in the closet. (most people can't even tell that he's Gay. I thought that me and Scruffy Artist were the only ones that knew), but 4eyes from Account is married!

Stoner was completely shocked. He never even suspected Gay Boss of being homosexual. He came straight to work after his night out to look for any evidence.

This is madness! Its like living in a Soap... Need to investigate affair further....

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