Thursday, 4 October 2007

Long Day....

Yesterday was the longest day I've ever had at work. CEO arrived at 10am sharp. Everyone made a special effort to look smart. Even Scruffy Artist managed to wear a pin-striped blazer and smart shoes. His nails were painted a pale grey and he wore grey frayed jeans but he looked as conservative as I'd ever seen him.

CEO and Gay Boss disappeared to the board room for two hours to discuss the current situation. Old Prick got on with work thinking that the meeting was just an over view of the past three months. For some strange reason I started to feel some sympathy towards him. Over the first hour the sympathy slowly turned to guilt. I couldn't help thinking about the amount of times I had complained and gossiped about him. I needed to leave the office. I spent the next hour with Bimbo from admin "going over the schedule".

Bimbo is desperately into her looks. She spends the better part of the day reapplying make-up and flicking through fashion magazines. There's something so calming about talking to someone with the attention span of a puppy. When I found her she was flicking through Heat Magazine reading slimming tips. She began updating me on Britney Spears' custody drama but it wasn't long before she noticed that my eyebrows needed plucking. She gave me a quick makeover while she chatted about her boyfriend's new sofa. I left admin freshly groomed and feeling much better.

I bumped into Gay Boss on my way back to my office. He looked pissed off. "Where the fuck have you been?" he whispered. He grabbed my arm and quickly walked me to the board room. "CEO wants to see you." Me?! Shit...!

I walked into the huge room alone. CEO was sitting at the head of the long table. He gestured to the chair at the other end. Talk about old fashioned. It would make more sense if I sat in the chair next to him. At least we wouldn't have to strain our voices to communicate! CEO's a nice guy. He never lets anybody leave his company without speaking to them. He told me he wanted to get an over view of the situation. Everything I said to him would be completely confidential.

Okay I got a bit carried away. I started off with general vague issues i.e. lack of team collaboration etc but then something switched inside me and I couldn't stop. I told CEO that Old Prick was not a team player. His sheer arrogance is frustrating. He makes rash decisions without informing anyone. I just went on and on. When I was finished CEO just nodded. He smiled and walked me to the door. Old Prick was waiting outside the board room to see CEO. I felt a horrible pang of guilt when I walked past.

After hours of pacing the corridors, rearranging my desk draws, drinking endless cups of tea Old Prick finally came back to the office. He didn't say anything. We sat in complete silence for the rest of the day.....

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