Friday, 19 October 2007

I am tired and pissed off.... and completely fucked!

Its Friday morning and I am tired and pissed off.

Last week Gay Boss went through all employees' emails and found emails from Old Prick. He even called up all of our clients and got emails sent to them from Old Prick. (My plan had the same outcome but it sort of involved hacking into the administrative computer and stealing and copying. I'm glad I didn't do it. How stupid would that have been!) Between big meetings and organising key events this week, Gay Boss filed all emails and other evidence into folders for the lawyer. Needless to say he had a long week.

Old Prick is still acting "normal". He doesn't seem to realise that everybody knows everything and that we all hate him.

Earlier this week I had a meeting with a couple of directors and a seriously smart mathematician. (I never even knew you could do that as a profession!). I'm not exactly the dumbest person in the world but for five long hours I had absolutely no idea what was being said. The conversation was a bit too technical. I maintained a professional appearance and often agreed with the mathematician: "Of course I completely understand your point of view, but in my opinion the formula proposed seems to incorporate the best possible outcome for all our needs."

At the time I think I pulled if off. They all took my opinion into consideration. This morning I received an email from one of the directors suggesting that we individually write up a report on the outcome of the meeting stating the pros and cons. He thinks it will give more insight to every body's thoughts on the matter and will help with the final decision.

I don't know what to do... I'm tired and pissed off... and its safe to say I'm completely fucked!


Will said...

After reading that, I need some tea!

~~clinks cup, with Elise!~~

(you sure got a way with words:
just love, "the old prick." ~lol!)

Thanks, hun.
I feel better now.


moooooog35 said...

Do you work on the set of a soap opera?! Good God...about the most exciting thing that goes on over here is that once in a while, you'll hear someone fart.

Keriam said...

I would love to see the look on old prick's face when the old light bulb goes on and he realizes he's screwed. Good luck with your report. The mathmetician must be good at what he does or he wouldn't have his job. I think I would agree with alot of what he has presented. I also think Will has the right idea pass the tea please, I hope it is strong.


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Mystery Woman said...

Hey thanks for showing your support...and by the way...I love your're so feisty.

roentarre said...

You are poetic and elegant at the start.

Then you become very street-cultured like.

Love your writing

Will said...


(yep. That's me, alright.)

Better Crazy now, than an
"Old Prick" later!

(^_^)~~x, Will.

Anonymous said...

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