Friday, 26 October 2007

A Full English Breakfast At Granny's

I decided to call off the plan with Preppy. For some odd reason it just didn't feel right. I don't normally set up situations just for fun, I only do it if I'm desperate for some information. I realised that I don't really like to cause mischief I just like knowing everyone's sordid secrets.

Bimbo and I had breakfast together this morning. We went to a small cafe called Granny's for a full English fry-up. Granny's was filled with dirty fat builders laughing, joking and burping. The only waitress (I assume is Granny) looked around fifty with greasy skin and a toothless grin. Despite the unpleasant surroundings (and the occasional wolf whistle) breakfast was amazing. Eggs fried to perfection, crispy bacon, tasty sausages, baked beans, fried mushrooms, fried bread and a lovely sweet cup of tea. Its Friday we're allowed to eat food that clogs arteries!

I told Bimbo about lunch with Preppy. Bimbo doesn't like Preppy. Apparently whenever Preppy sees Bimbo she makes a point of embarrassing her by asking her complex questions in front of people. When Bimbo struggles to comprehend Preppy laughs and makes a nasty comment.

Now that is completely out of line! Okay I know I've done some pretty strange things and I'm a hopeless gossip but I would never go out of my way to publicly embarrass someone. Bimbo looked upset when she told me. Her big blue eyes welled up. Oh God I hoped she wasn't going to cry again! There were nasty builders everywhere and at least one would shout out something.

Thankfully Bimbo didn't cry. She just reached over and held my hand. "I'm glad your still my friend." I smiled and squeezed her hand back. A sweaty builder on a nearby table wolf whistled causing Bimbo and I to laugh. We giggled together as we walked back to work linking arms.

Gay Boss was waiting for my in my office when I arrived. Old Prick has taken the day off. "what's going on?" I asked. Seriously, the whole situation with Old Prick getting the boot is really frustrating. I need to know whats going on! Gay Boss smiled. "I got a meeting in an hour. We'll talk later."

Oh sounds juicy! Can't wait....


Deon said...


Nice writing style. Sounds like you lead a drama filled life.

I will review your site, and hopefully you will add a link to mine as well.


City Girl said...

mMmMM your breakfast sounded delish! I feel bad for Bimbo - poor thing!

Kitterman's Khaos said...

LOL I have read them all since the last post of yours I read, and I am caught up. Seems by the end of this bit you were the one left with the cliff hanger. No worries, I remain hanging with you.

Again, your writing is an attention keeper.