Thursday, 4 October 2007

The day after the day before

Well today has been...well..."normal"

Old Prick came in to work as usual, and acted like nothing happened. After an hour of "normality" I couldn't take the suspense. I took a walk to Gay Boss's office and casually dropped in to say hi.

"I can't tell you what happened so don't ask" he said before I even had a chance to comment on the weather. He's dying to say something I can tell. I hung around for a bit hoping he would crack. Gave up after half an hour.

Old Prick keeps leaving the room for mysterious conversations on his mobile phone. Recruitment probably. I wonder how long it will take him physically leave. Unless of course he's just been given a warning and he's staying on.... I hate being in the dark! Gonna have lunch with Scruffy Artist, he might know something.

Scruffy Artist and I spent lunch sharing information. So far:

  • We know that Gay Boss wanted to sack him

  • I told CEO that Old Prick is the worst person to work with

  • Scruffy Artist told CEO that he thinks Old Prick is not a great team player

  • Gay Boss is dying to say something but can't

  • Scruffy Artist said that Gay Boss said he'd tell us in a few weeks

  • Old Prick is taking secret phone calls

Conclusion: We both think Old Prick has been given a month to leave. Not an earth shattering conclusion... I was hoping for a dramatic exit yesterday. That he'd storm in, clear out his desk and piss off.

Oh well... I wonder how I'm going to rearrange the office when he goes...

Doubt anything else will happen today.

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