Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lunch with Preppy

I met Preppy for lunch at a local Weather Spoons pub. After ordering food and drinks at the bar we carefully made our way through the crowded tables holding glasses filled to the brim with Jack Daniels and coke. (I know we're working but one drink won't hurt!) I noticed that she couldn't stop staring at my pink fishnet tights. Once we had sat down I laughed and told her about my morning ladder experience and Bimbo coming to the rescue.

"Oh that explains it!" She laughed, "I thought the pink was a bit too slutty for you. Suits her though!"

I know its hypocritical but for some odd reason that little dig pissed me off. I suddenly realised that Bimbo is probably my best friend at work. She's always there to make me laugh, groom my eyebrows, paint my nails etc. I ignored the comment and moved the conversation swiftly onto Piggy's crush on 4eyes.

Preppy spoke to her yesterday and invited her out on a girls-only drink after work for next Friday. She plans to get her drunk enough to spill the beans. I decided to elaborate on that plan just as an experiment. This is our final strategy:

  • We're going to invite a few more girls so it looks like a real girls-night-out thing. I'll pop into Admin tomorrow and invite Bimbo and the girls and Preppy is going to invite the two other girls in Accounts.

  • I'll go see Stoner in the Creative department and ask him for a small favour. As we are planning a girls-night-out maybe he can plan a boys night out on the same night. (LOL an advanced leaving party for Old Prick)

  • Whilst pub crawling we all accidentally end up in the same place. Hopefully Piggy and Old Prick will be legless at this point.

  • Maybe something might happen....

It occurred to Preppy and I over lunch that Piggy and Old Prick are pretty much perfect for each other. If this doesn't work I'm sure we'll get many embarrassing stories for work the next week...


roentarre said...

Your story made me laugh. Your bimbo friend certainly acted like one. But royalty is always the most imporant thing in friendship. Without trust and royalty, it meant nothing. Sometimes a good company does not need to be "intelligent" or "prudent".

Bohemian Girl Collection said...


You have style and grace in your writing. I am extending an invitation to you and to your friends to come at The Retrochic Corner. It's an interactive blog about everything retro. You can come and visit us at anytime.