Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Dirt from the horse's mouth...

The sun is setting on Old Pricks time at our beloved company.

Gay Boss had planned a one-to-one meeting with Old Prick for this morning. Around 5:25pm yesterday Old Prick told Gay Boss that he would like to bring a friend to the meeting to take notes. Being an understanding person Gay Boss realised that Old Prick needed somebody there to stop him from saying something stupid. He agreed and suggested the meeting should be held in the office that Old Prick and I share. I have to admire Gay Boss at times. Having the meeting in our office is an attempt to put Old Prick's mind at ease...

I was desperate to stay in my office this morning. There's nothing like dirt from the horses mouth. However, I was advised to spend time with the Creative time to "enhance my understanding of that division".

For hours Scruffy Artist, Stoner and I gossiped and swapped information on the Old Prick situation. Apparently Old Prick had written an eight page document on the working relationships in the company and emailed it to Gay Boss late last night as part of his "evidence".
Of course being a tad curious I wanted to read the document. Scruffy Artist is apposed to anything "wrong", and in his eyes hacking into Gay Boss's computer is wrong. So Stoner and I walked to Gay Boss's office, typed in his password and quickly printed off a copy.

Old Prick is a wanker!

He said that Gay Boss and I have never been able to work together and that the only reason we are now communicating is because Old Prick mended and developed our relationship. What a lie! Old Prick has always been jealous that Gay Boss and I have a good working relationship.

He also said Gay Boss does not have a good working relationship with Scruffy Artist and they hardly speak to each other. Gay Boss and Scruffy Artist go out for drinks after work with other people from the company. They have a great working relationship and there have never been any problems.

Not only is Old Prick a wanker, he is also a liar!

He criticised Stoner for being late to work every day. Stoner works flexi-hours and he always makes up the time. The Creative team have nothing to do with Old Prick anyway. Their business doesn't concern him at all.

He criticised Bimbo and the other people in Admin for "slow response", whatever the hell that means.

He even had bad words to say about Accounts! Old Prick knows nothing about accounts.

If this pile of crap is the only evidence Old Prick can find to support his case... well he has no case! Nothing written in the document was factual or even close to the truth and it definitely has no relevance to the fact that Old Prick is incompetent and can not do his job.

I'd be lying if I said that the document didn't bother me. I was so angry I wanted to print out more copies and distribute them around the company. Stoner reminded me that we shouldn't have seen it and that it will only cause trouble for us. I hate it when he's right.
Old Prick has taken the rest of the day off. Gay Boss hasn't said anything about the meeting yet. He will.... At some point tomorrow.


moooooog35 said...

If you could get some people fired, I'd appreciate it.

I'm trying to keep up with all the characters...cleaning these people out would help me immensely.

Thanks in advance.

Keriam said...

HA HA HA!!(evil laughter)

I see the sun setting on old prick.

Thanks for the pick me up Elise. Tea(with a little kick) and a good bitching session are exactly what I need.

City Girl said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I actually already have the perfect shoes & bag to go with the dress! haha Ah, love being a girl <3 ;)

Anyway, sounds like you have a lot of drama in the office! Hope things get better soon