Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Party Part 1

We decided to go to the party.

Actually I decided we should definitely go to the party. Solicitor was a little unenthusiastic about going. He played along anyway. He could see how excited I was. It was at the Battersea Mansions for crying out loud! Whenever I drive past the strip overlooking Battersea Park I imagine what it would be like to go inside. The tall ceilings, the traditional decor....

I spent around three hours getting ready. Aimee is an incredibly beautiful woman. She's tall and thin with short, very light blond hair. She has pale skin and huge brown eyes. I had to look my best. All of her model friends would compare the two of us and I didn't want to come across short and fat.

I decided on all black. Black tight DKNY jeans with a black Cashmere top and black stiletto heels. I wore the diamond earrings and necklace that Solicitor had bought me. I stylishly curled my long dark hair and clipped half of it up leaving wisps framing my face.

Years of Bimbo's beauty lessons finally came in handy!

By the time we got to Aimee's place the party was in full swing. The house was swarming with drunk people. She greeted us warmly at the door. Hugs and kisses. The last time I saw Aimee she was quiet and unsure of herself. She had transformed into a chatty, confident woman. I was slightly surprised at the change.

Unsurprisingly Solicitor already knew a few people there. Not wanting to stick at his side all night like a leach I left him to his old friends and I took a walk around. The rooms were beautiful. Natural colours, wooden floors and furniture. I wondered if Aimee had bought it or was renting.

As I walked back into the main room I bumped into a rather large man. I stopped in my tracks. I know him! I've seen him before. He smiled.

"Hey I know you!"

I felt an icy chill as I remembered who he was.

"Supplying for the party?"

He laughed.

"Well its good business."

"You're sick"

"Don't be a hypocrite"

In my first year of university I lived in student hall of residence. I'd lost my building key within the first three months of living there and I frequently knocked on a ground floor window for somebody to let me in.

I got into the routine of knocking on the window of a guy called Sanchez. He was the only person who was in his room most of the time. It became such a frequent occurrence that he started leaving his window open for me to jump through.

Six months down the line we'd formed a routine friendship. I'd jump through him window after a night out and we'd play his N64 for a few hours before I went up to my room. He was a nice guy. Sometimes when he was out he used to leave his window unlocked so I could push in open and climb through. Whenever he was away I wouldn't bother walking up the stairs and I'd fall asleep in his bed. He didn't mind at all.

One night we were lying on his bed playing Mario Cart when he asked me for a favour. He was going to South America to see his ill Grandfather and he needed me to look after his room. He also wanted me to give a guy a wad of cash in exchange for a bag of cocaine. I didn't have to touch it I just had to let the guy in, give him the cash and point to the cupboard where he could leave it.

Sanchez supplied the campus with cocaine. I knew he did and it really didn't bother me at the time. Most students were doing drugs at that point anyway. I personally never touched the stuff but it didn't bother me too much if someone did.

I agreed. Sanchez knew the guy quite well and he promised it was just a clean deal. He left me his phone so that he wouldn't have to give the guy my number. Sanchez was true to his word. Dimitrius came by a few days after Sanchez left. He left the package and took the money.

Sanchez's phone rang non-stop. I didn't answer it a first but one night I absently answered when it rang. There were a group of guys that wanted a few grams for the night. I told them Sanchez was away but if they were desperate I could sort them out.

A week later I'd sold everything. I called Dimitrius and asked him to bring down another packet for the same price. I kept the profit of the last batch and I replaced the cocaine. When Sanchez came back he was none the wiser.

I have no idea why I did it. At the time I just went with the flow. I supplied drugs for a week. I'm not proud of it. And I haven't thought about it in a long time.

Dimitrius was at Aimee's party. I never thought I'd ever see the guy again. He was there supplying drugs to the people attending. He knew Aimee well. She swished over and they hugged and kissed like old friends. God I felt sick.

I caught Solicitor’s eye from the other side of the room. He looked questioningly at Dimirtius. I shook my head slightly as if I didn’t know him.

Dimitrius was right. It was hypocritical for me to judge him. Especially since I didn’t have a problem with it before. But I couldn't stop thinking about what Solicitor told me about Aimee and her drug problem. I remember the box of pills and cocaine that I found in her bathroom. I remember the state she was in when I first saw her. The tears...


The Divine Miss M said...

I want your life Elise. Nothing exciting ever happens in mine.

Can we swap?

I avoid drugs and people with drug problems at all costs. Prio to what people believe TV isn't actually filled with drugs, I've been working in it for 3 years now and I haven't encounted any drug usuage!

Grilled Pizza said...

Have you told Solicitor who he is?
GP x

KaB said...

Wow, you're most certainly never short of some good old gossip...fabulous darling!

Shame, it just makes you think that although someone can be absolutely gorgeous, they have worse problems than most...life isn't all that great!

Luckily, some of us gorgeous people are just too smart to fall into that statistic :)

Thankfully, she's not part of his life anymore (I would assume), so there is no need to get involved out of the goodness of your heart!

Like the divine Miss M up there, I too make it a priority to stay away from folk who do the drug thing...I put up for it for over 10 years in my life & frankly, I don't associate with people who do that sort of thing! And yes, it is shameful that you sold coke way back then. Thank god for bygones...you sound far more intelligent now :)

As for that outfit...gawd...I want it all!

Michelle Hix said...



These should be the two links. It is all about american politics...ha ha...sometimes I forget that MOST my friends aren't even American.

Michelle Hix said...

Whoa! Sanchez and Dimitrius...new characters! I'm starting to think you have a really brave streak Elise. (not that I thought you weren't brave before). Just that it seems you have moments where you go "what could it hurt"? and you jump in with both feet.

Elise said...

You know I do seem to jump in without thinking at times. It was a long time ago and at the time I didn't think I was hurting anyone. It was a complete one off xx

Christopher Gehler said...

Drugs are part of life now. They've formed a sort of class system which is sad yet true. The party sounds amazing, wish I had the money for clothes good enough to go to one with such fancy people. =P

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Wow what a night! and what background history! I can't wait until Part 2! :)

You know, it's alright to judge. That was your past and you've changed and gained new perspective on things. We all do unexplainable things when we're younger. Don't let your past make you worry now.

Pixie said...

Never mind the drugs - what was Aimee wearing - get to the important bit girl x

B.E. Earl said...

It's fine not to get worked up about judging people, but Elise...you've got to stop keeping stuff that really doesn't matter from Solicitor.

I caught Solicitor’s eye from the other side of the room. He looked questioningly at Dimirtius. I shook my head slightly as if I didn’t know him.

You just know where this is headed. Dimitrius will mention something to Aimee about knowing you from college, Aimee will phone Solicitor and mention it to him in passing, and he's gonna wonder why you acted like you didn't know him.

Maybe they won't mention the week of drug dealing...maybe they will. He's better off hearing it from you than from them.

The Divine Miss M said...

Hey I wasn't saying that you dealing them that once was bad, we've all done stupid things! I was just saying that now I stay the hell away from them so becareful of Aimee. Addicts are not the most stable people ever.

Elise said...

I know what you mean Miss M. She's not altogether normal. I like her though. I feel quite protective of her. You'll find out more about her in my next post.

Believe me B.E.Earl I regreted it as soon as I did it. I shouldn't have acted like I didn't know Dimitrius. I have no idea why I did.

Kitty said...

Small world, eh? x

hayley-emsley said...

Drug!! YAK! I have never and never would take them. I think if you can't enjoy a night out and enjoy the people around you without drugs, then you are best staying at home. It's a weekness of character. I am glad you don't touch them you seem to enjoy life without - good for you!

Shemley said...

Elise I am starting to get addicted to your blog...

Speaking of reminiscing of uni days, I have a post that I know you would love...

bRaT said...

wow... out of all the uni friends you could have met... what does he do now anyway? :)

Clueless Cat said...

haha one of my friends at uni sold an insane amount of weed/hash, but ended up in debt cause he kept smoking the stuff himself (which is why good drug dealers know never to touch the stuff!)

anyway that was a great story...can't wait for part 2!

Malach the Merciless said...

Wow, sterotypical Hispanic drug dealer . . . ENGLAND ROCKS!

roentarre said...

Elise, your life is always full of surprises. The uni life seems to be very vivid for you, filled with drama and energy.

sweets said...

Sanchez and Dimitrius... they sound like roman soldiers ;)

Elise said...

Roman Soldiers?! Trust me Sweets they are far from it..

Dimitrius is a big fat Greek Guy with over grown eye brows. The last time I saw Sanchez he was a short skinny guy with a shaved head....

Not very good looking xx

Ruby said...

glad you're back hun:)

Lopz said...

Girl, you need to write a tv script about your life - trust me, it would sell in seconds!

lotus07 said...

No matter how stylish or sophisticated they behave, drug dealers are the predators of the week willed. They profit from others weakness and failings. When we are young we don't see it. As we get older, it is all we see.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Oh dear, old misdemeanours coming back to haunt you.....Fess up now - don't get found out.

Cocaine Princess said...

The party was swarming with drunk people- I've been to a few of those parties in my time.

I gotta know- how did you sleep through an earthquake?

Cocaine Princess