Tuesday, 29 January 2008

This means war!

I've seriously taken advantage of an easygoing boss for the last few days. I decided to take another day off on Thursday. The odd thing was that I had actually made it to my work building before I decided to turn around and head home. I sent Gay Boss a text on my way back:

Won't be in today. See you tomorrow. x

I did the same thing yesterday. I stopped at Costa for a coffee across the road from work before deciding to send another text and go home:

Not coming in today. Will be in tomorrow. Sorry x

Unlike most bosses Gay Boss didn't call me to lecture me on "giving notice of absence". When I arrived this morning (late because I spent half an hour in Costa contemplating on going home again) he acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He didn't ask for any explanation, so I didn't offer him one.

As a result of my tardiness Solicitor has received a good deal of attention at home. Last night I dressed up for dinner and cooked him another three-course meal.

Or rather I dressed down for dinner...

I pranced around the kitchen in a red embroidered black suspender belt and stocking set complete with a matching red bra and thong. I clipped around in the 5 inch black stiletto heels that are too painful to wear out but perfect for walking inside the house.

Solicitor arrived home from work warn out and tired just as I was setting the table. He stopped in his tracks and slowly grinned as he took in my outfit. I smiled back and carried on laying out the cutlery, trying to act as normal as possible.

"How was your day?" I briskly straightened out the napkins and clipped into the kitchen to fetch the salad from the fridge. I could feel his eyes on me while he took off his jacket and tie.

"Not too bad. Had a meeting to negotiate a loan for a big client." He casually brushed past me to get a beer from the fridge, lightly putting his hand on my lower back to steer me out of the way. He leaned against the counter and started talking about the boring details of the meeting. I caught the amused look in his eyes.

The game had begun.

We both acted as normal as we could. We spoke about boring things such as work and the daily news. Every now and then we'd take it in turns to "make our move". As we sat down to dinner I casually leaned over for the saltshaker, my breasts inches away from his face. I smiled innocently and continued to talk about the debate on Mc-A-Levels. Five minutes later Solicitor got up to get another beer from the fridge. As he walked past he paused and traced a finger from my neck to my earlobe. He knows that I get turned on when he touches my neck!

This means war.

Throughout dinner the two of us struggled to stay focused on the conversation. I slowly unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his belt free as we discussed the pros and cons of a property market crash. He in turn unclipped my bra halfway through the main course. He smoothed the straps down my arms, brushing my breasts ever so slightly before pulling the bra away completely.

The game continued well after dinner. We washed up the dishes casually turning each other on while we covered all aspects of economic and political welfare. He finally cracked when I brought out ice cream for dessert and "accidentally" dropped a little on my thigh. He leaned over and licked it up.

All hell broke loose.

This morning we argued over who had cracked first. I'm convinced he had because he leaned over and kissed me first. He's convinced it was me because he had every intention of pulling away and talking about income tax but apparently I moaned and "cracked".

Moaning is not cracking, kissing is!

Maybe we should have discussed the rules first.


sweetass RSA said...

you get full marks!!... phew red hot stuff right there... and he gave in first, definitely...

KaB said...

Wow...that was a fucking good read! Dude, Jackie Collins should take few clues from you!

How the hell did you not laugh your way though that?

He cracked...no doubt about that one!

God, I need some action!

Slyde said...

you definetly are a good girlfriend... much props to you.

p.s. i have added you to my links section. Enjoy the love!

i am the diva said...

oh my god, totally hot.

well played, well played!

Kathleen Mortensen said...

I'm picturing an American television show from the 50s featuring a stay at home wife who caters to her business man husband...What was that called again? Oh that's right. How could I forget? Leave it to "Beaver". Kat
( I hope that's not just a Canadian reference. Substitute "pussy", if it is.)

MizMell said...

I'm saying he cracked first. A moan does not count as it is verbal.

Clueless Cat said...

Sounds like such fun! I'm so envious...damn long distance!!!! It's like 3 month long foreplay. lol

Anyway - I think he totally cracked first ;)

B.E. Earl said...

You definitely started it by unbuttoning his trousers.

That's not playing fair. ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

I love it! I so need to play that game, it sounds fantastic!

Moaning could be cracking as it means you're acknowledging what he is doing and not playing the oblivious game that you were playing earlier?

Christopher Gehler said...

I almost needed a tissue after imagining such a steamy dinner! =P Kidding.

Even as a male... He cracked first. Whoever moves into kiss first loses. He did valiantly for a while though, I'd have given in before the salad was done.

Kitty said...

Hmmmm ... I think you need to make it a 'best of three' series. ;-) x

hayley-emsley said...

WOW elise, i will have to try that one, but unfortunately Phil comes home black as he works laying cables underground, so i would have had to wait til after his bath!!! Maybe one weekend?? haha

Hayley x Great read!!

bRaT said...

I would like to say you cracked first, but damnit you won fair and square... you can't credit us with a lot of self control... especially when you make it so damn hard for us :)

props to him for holding out so long... no props to you for being evil :)

Malach the Merciless said...

Wow, quit your job, and get into soft core . . can I find this on YouPorn?

Michelle Hix said...

"This means war!"

That was my favorite line.

Solicitor gets points in my book for knowing that your neck is sensitive and taking advantage of it.

I can see where he thinks the moan meant you cracked...but on the other hand...how does he know that the moan wasn't all in your plan?

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Hummm, maybe he'll think you need to retire?

I would miss your office antics.

However, I do like reading the um...relationship stuff the most. Very fun!

lewisham kate said...

No rules! They spoil all the fun. ;0)

roentarre said...

Interestingly, I had few days off work too. Just feeling tired and exhausted.

However, you made the absence from work quite a normal thing to do. Witty writing and your life is so relaxed!

Bridget said...

They guy never stood a chance. This is an unfair game, one I shall play with S4 post-haste!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

He is right. You cracked under the pressure. You need to keep silent.

Cocaine Princess said...


Cocaine Princess