Friday, 28 March 2008

Tiny Leather Skirt

Last night Bimbo and I went out for dinner.

We originally planned to go to Prezzo, just round the corner from Bimbo's place, but she called and changed her mind just as I was leaving. She wanted to meet me at a place called The Coriander, an Indian restaurant on a one-way system in East London. Miles away from where I live.

After half an hour of driving in circles looking for a parking space I finally arrived. Slightly irritated. Bimbo was sitting at a table in a corner sipping mango juice and speaking to the waiter. She began waving frantically when she spotted me.

"Isn't this place amazing?"

You'd think she was talking about the Taj Mahal.

I slowly took in the surroundings. The restaurant was pretty much empty. It was dark and dingy. Dark wooden tables, dark red velvet booths, dark green wallpaper. The mirror behind the bar was framed with a string of multicoloured fairy lights. Half the bar was taken up by an old fashioned television that was tuned into Zee Music. The Bollywood music pierced my ears.

I could not believe I'd driven for almost two hours for this cheap looking room! The food had better be amazing....

It was. I couldn't believed how well it was spiced. The flavours were terrific.

Bimbo beamed from across the table.

"I told you it would be worth it."

I found that after I'd tasted the food the surrounding didn't look as bad as I had originally thought. Bimbo and I found ourselves watching the music videos on the television.

It's amazing how Bollywood manage to create passionate scenes without the couple actually kissing. The actors over play the passion in their eyes. The camera focuses on a hand on the waist or a finger trailing down the back of the neck.

Half way through the meal Bimbo and I had decided that we would watch a Bollywood film together. All three and a half hours of it. The waiter gave us tips on what to watch.

"You like Sharukh?"

"Um... I guess..." Bimbo and I nodded in confusion.

"Of course! All the ladies like Sharukh."

The waiter began reciting a list of films. I couldn't register any of the titles. I forgot them as soon as he had said them.

Suddenly the cheesiest music video came on.

A sexy woman was standing in the middle of an empty basketball court. She was dressed in a tight leather skirt that barely covered her ass and a tiny leather top. Heavy rain fell on her. Droplets running down the naked parts of her body. Between the valley of her breasts.

A muscular man on a motorbike suddenly drove through the court. He was dressed in a leather vest and trousers. He stopped a few yards in front of her and whipped off his sunglasses. Why he was wearing sunglasses I'll never know. It was night.

They regarded each other with attitude. The sexy girl walked up to him. Swishing her ass in a suggestive way. She stopped in front of him. Posed with her hand on her hip.

"Are you like, checking me out?"

Bimbo and I looked back at the waiter.

"We want to see that one!"

The waiter smiled.

"Yes! Is a beautiful film. You like Ashwarya Rai?" He pointed at the sexy woman thrusting her hips in the rain.

I nodded.

"She Miss World. My wife, he look like her."

Bimbo and I smiled politely. I seriously doubted it. The waiter was short and extremely thin. He had a mop of black hair perfectly combed and parted down the side. He had huge teeth beneath a thick moustache.

"Everyone say I look like him." He pointed at the muscular man on the screen touching the sexy woman.

I struggled to keep a straight face. Bimbo looked at the screen and back at the waiter.

"Um yes. You have the same...nose?"

At the end of the evening Bimbo and I left the restaurant, giving the waiter a large tip in exchange for a list of recommended films. We're planning on having a girly night on Saturday. We'll order in Indian and watch the film with the leather...

I have a feeling we'll be dancing by the end of the night.


Polgara said...

Do we get photo's of you and Bimbo dancing round to the film he he
Pol x

Kitty said...

I've never seen a Bollywood film - it's something I should do. x

lotus07 said...

Soon we will all be watching Bollywood and driving very small and cheap Indian cars, since TaTa just bought out Land Rover and Jaguar.

Malach the Merciless said...

Indians are cuckoo, I love them

B.E. Earl said...

"She Miss World. My wife, he look like her."

Mwah-ha-ha! That's the best!

I love Bollywood! I can watch the dance scene from Gumnaam (its' called Jaan Pehechaan Ho) that they play in the opening of Ghost World over and over again. I'm watching it right now.

Michelle Hix said...

Has Bimbo named the baby yet?

hayley-emsley said...

I must say, i have never watched a Bollywood film, i don't like indian food at all, so i guess i forgot about everything else haha.

roentarre said...

I like your story and it is always entertaining to read. I discovered a few names in which I supposed to know very well ...

I am going to google these names and hopefully learnt more each day in my life!

bRaT said...

Haha... I hate Shahrukh Khan AND Aishwarya Rai... I won't tell you why though :), I'll let you draw your own conclusions from the movies if you will... I could give you a list of "watchable" bollywood movies, but then you're probably looking for the unwatchable list, which I really have no clue about..

And if you liked indian restaurant food, then you must taste my mum's cooking... you might die and go to heaven :) or that's what i'm told...

Anonymous said...

LoL mmm your descriptions of the food made my mouth water! (you had me at 'spices'...haha) sounds like a fun girly night in for the next time!!

Cocaine Princess said...

Yes, you must post a picture of you dancing, if not of you then of Bimbo!

Cocaine Princess

Ruby said...

tee hee hee...indian restaurants are the best...especially when they look a little dinghy!

I like some of the bollywood movies:) I think the one i've enjoyed the most thus far is "Bride and prejudice"

Natalie said...

Ooh, sounds like a fantastic idea for a girls night in! Loving it!

KaB said...

I always think of The Guru when I think Bollywood but it's not really 'Bollywood' now, is it?!?

Some of those scenes are hectic...they get me all hot & stuffy...the director is very good at what he does in some of those steamy passionate scenes...screw the Italians...the Indians have it all!

Food sounds delicious...mmm...I'm booked into Cape Town's top Indian restaurant tomorrow night...I swear I can smell the spices already!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

That was a pretty cute story. I'm glad you and Bimbo enjoyed your dinner! :)

Poetikat said...

Two recommendations from the Kat (yup! I'm back) See the movie Lagaan - not your typical bollywood, but fab-u-lous! Also, watch the movie Ghost World for the opening dance video number - infectious - and the music will be in your head for weeks.
Luv Poetikat

Most recent post: Elegy for a singer's youth - a poem for Corinne Bailey Rae.

Slyde said...

yeah, Earl got me hooked on that Bollywood movie he mentioned in his post, years ago. I cant stop watching it whenever i see it.

Lopz said...

I also haven't watched a Bollywood film. I'm still not convinced I'd like it, but I definitely feel like going for curry now!

sweets said...

oh shame the poor waiter! sounds like fun!!


Heehee really funny story, it's funny when waiters start talking to you lol.

Daisy said...

that sounded fun! :D

gosh, I've never seen a bollywood film. only bits and pieces when other people watch them. I really should.