Friday, 27 March 2009


"Does my bum look big in this dress?"


I knew it! But Solicitor's truthful answer made me want to fling things at him.

My lip trembled and I gazed at him with wide eyes.


Please say no. I won't believe you, but it will make me feel better.

"Yes. It looks... Juicy."

"Juicy! You're saying I'm fat, aren't you? Admit it, you think I'm fat!"

Solicitor smiled and watched me parade around the room in distress.

"You're sexy when you're angry."

"Stop it!" I flung open the wardrobe. "Oh my God! I've got nothing to wear!"

I pulled out a series of dresses and discarded them on the floor.

"Just wear what you're wearing."

"You said my butt looks.... JUICY!!!"

"Yeah, in a good way. Sexy."

"No it makes it look big!"

"In a good way." He repeated

He stood up and walked behind me and grabbed my hips.

"Let's have sex."


He kissed my neck. I always get turned on when he kisses my neck.

"The dress is perfect."

I shuddered as his hands moved up my skirt.

And half an hour later I pulled the skirt of the dress back down and quietly began applying my make-up.

"Don't bother doing your hair. We've got hours" He said casually unbuttoning his shirt. "Did I ever tell you that you have juicy breasts?"

I love this honesty thing!


Cocaine Princess said...

Cheeky post. Your beloved said you look juicy, I've never heard of that expression but it sounds sweet and sensual at the same time.

I love when a guy kisses me on the neck. I get goose bumps- the good kind.

Have a great weekend Elise.


Creativestudent said...

haha great post!! I might have to try that tact in the future! Sorry I havn't been by your blog so long! Glad your still going!

Pop in and say hello soon!

presious said...


I've had four beautiful children and my body is not what it use to be. It seems, by both my female and male friends that I supposedly have a very cute figure and what is known as a "bubble butt". I get compliments all the time.

However, for me, I know what I felt like before the weight and what I feel like now. I feel like a whale! I am super subconscious about it too! I wear baggie sweats and huge t-shirts to cover it all up.

I guess what I am saying to you, I don't believe he would lie to you. It sounds like, to him, you are very sensual. There is something about you that simply turns him on. As difficult as it may be, I encourage you to embrace his words and his love for you. :)

I do hope the event went well for you.


Malach the Merciless said...


Slyde said...

i like solicitor more and more...

Bruce said...

A big bum isn't necessarily a bad thing....;)