Monday, 23 March 2009

Being A Man

I met with Solicitor's brother early this morning. Brother-In-Law is an architect and the company he owns designs houses for the top house builders in the country. At the ripe old age of 32 Brother-In-Law is a millionaire.

In addition to his main company, he has shares and investments in other companies. So when it comes to starting my own company Brother-In-Law's advice is a great way to start.

I took my business plans along with me.

"Elise, this isn't going to be easy." He warned as he flicked through my perfectly arranged folder. "As far as industries go, this one has suffered the most in the current financial climate."

I nodded. I'm aware of the current situation. Solicitor trades with stocks and shares on a daily basis.

"The question is, do you enjoy this?" He asked.

"It's not about enjoying it, it's about believing in it."

I enjoy writing, but I don't believe that I will ever make a successful career from it.

He smiled.

"You hit the nail on the head."

We sat down with steamy mugs of tea.

"Do you have enough contacts? It's not what you know, it's who you know."

"I've got a database of over 1500." Carefully collected over the past year.

"New business model plans?"

"Yep, I've got 6." Narrowed down from 21.

"A nice suit?"

"Are you joking?" I have about 15.

"A male business partner?"

"Excuse me?"

"A male business partner?"

"You can't be serious!"

"I'm very serious."

My mouth hung open.

"Elise, this isn't some media company. The industry your planning to embark on is dominated by men."

"Isn't every industry?"

"Ninety-Nine percent is pretty high. Higher than the average industry." He sighed. "You need a male partner. I'm not being sexist but there's no way you can break into it without a man with you."

"That's not fair!"

"I know. I'm sorry. I know you're more than capable, but in my honest opinion they won't take you seriously."

I almost cried.

"But the plans are perfect!"

"I know. But you'll need a man to speak to the men."


"How many of the database are women?"


"Elise, how many-"


I'd never even thought about it.

Brother-In-Law sighed.

"Maybe we should talk some more. Go over some options."

"I can do it." I told him defiantly. "I have contacts."

He shook his head.

"It won't matter. Trust me I know what I'm talking about."

He gave examples. Lots of examples.

A man would rather have a male mechanic fix his car.

A male stock broker is more trusted than a female broker.

Male sports commentators

Male builders

Male IT consultants

Bottom line. I need a male partner.

On my way home I went through all the possible candidates.

Good Points: um... I like him..
Bad Points: He's stoned. He hates waking up early. He dresses like a student. He's not business minded.

Good Points: He's logical. He's business minded. We can have sex during lunch times.
Bad Points: His career is pretty much sorted.

Gay Boss?
Good Points: He looks and sounds like a typical man. He even uses the phrase "What's up with you? Are you on your period or something?". He's logical. He's business minded.
Bad Points: We'd argue too much and eventually kill each other.

Good Points: He knows the industry. He's a successful business man. He's logical. We get on well.
Bad Points: I can't actually think of any....

But I don't want to share!


taxitalk said...

brother in law
bad point
"he convinces you to not believe in yourself so he can get in there "
screw him
he sounds like...... well the typical guy
you can do it
be the first women
Obama is a black president
come on

The Divine Miss M said...


I can be your partner Elise :P

Must say that I agree with taxitalk, screw brother in law he is just making you not believe in yourself. Plenty of woman succeed and he is talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

though bro in law does speak alot of like to do business with men. fact....why cant bro in law just help out as and wen needed? could he meet these people with you then you handle from then on? once your clients trust you they wont care ! my advice use bro in law for the first meetings then take off from there.(or go the back door way....these contacts must have wives?....)

lisa x

Malach the Merciless said...

Hire me.

astrogalaxy said...

Believe in yourself!
If you don't want to share, go with your feel then...

Slyde said...

thats a tough decision..

personally, i much prefer dealing with women in my job.. i feel we get along much better..

OSR said...

You could get one of those operations.

Kitty said...

Do you think the contacts you have would take you seriously/employ you based on their past successful experience of you? BiL might have a point about future unknown clients, but word of mouth counts for a lot.


Bruce said...

Sometimes, reality just bites big time.

Kye said...

I like the way you write, and this is some interesting stuff.

It sucks that men dominate everything, yeah? I feel your pain.

But on the bright side I'm going to subscribe to you! :)

Cocaine Princess said...

The one thing that I've learned from your posts, you're a strong woman Elise. You CAN do anything regardless of what anyone may say or think.


Michelle Hix said...

hmmm...can you get a less than equal partner?