Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Past Week (1)

It has been a while since I last posted and since I last read other blogs. A lot has happened since dinner with CEO.

Last Friday Solicitor and I joined CEO and his wife for dinner. The first hour was incredibly boring. We sat and listened to CEO and his wife describe the nightmare they had with choosing a suitable colour to paint the veranda. CEO thought a pale blue would work very well with the scenery. His wife wanted to paint it yellow to match the colour of their yacht. CEO pointed out that nobody could see the yacht from the house and she explained that people would see the yellow and realise that the boat and the house were owned by the same people.

Nightmare? No, dear that's not a nightmare. Not comparing to what 99.9% of the world have to deal with in life.

Halfway through the main course CEO began talking about the company. He told me that they were hiring a new member of staff. He'll come in for a proper introduction next Friday. He was wondering if I could show him around. Help him settle in.

"Oh. You've decided to replace (Old Prick) have you?" I asked innocently. Old Prick was a guy that used to share an office with me. We both did the same job, we looked after clients and generated new business. He wasn't performing well so he was "invited to leave" about six months ago. I inherited all of his existing clients and got a pay increase.

CEO looked slightly uncomfortable at my question.

"Yes, I suppose he will be."

There was a long silence as we ate. Solicitor gripped my hand under the table. He could sense my anger quietly rising. CEO has found a replacement for Gay Boss. I know he has!

"I heard through the grapevine that your nephew would be joining the company." I made an effort to change the subject. I also wanted to find out what happened to the idea of Wanker becoming Managing Director. CEO's wife untactfully answered.

"Oh no! He's going to write a novel, isn't he?" She glanced at CEO excitedly "Something about magic truffles or philosophers truffles... Anyway, its an adventure story about a man who sees things that other people can't. Like objects have a hidden life or something. It's really interesting! Imagine having an imagination like that!"

Yes. I imagine someone taking magic mushrooms could come up with something very similar.

I held back. I felt a rise of hysterical laughter rise up my throat. I did my best to smile politely. I gently kicked Solicitor under the table. He snorted and quickly took a sip of wine to cover up.

It was too difficult. I stood up and excused myself. By the time I got to the ladies I was in a fit of giggles. CEO's wife was such an airhead. I knew she'd say something funny. While I was getting ready I told Solicitor that she'd say something completely random. I didn't expect what she said though.

By the time I returned to the table CEO and Solicitor were talking very seriously.

"... I just feel that we need to approach things with a completely different angle." CEO explained. Solicitor didn't look very happy at all. CEO's wife nervously played with her napkin and avoided eye contact with everyone.

"What's going on?"

I suddenly had an image of CEO firing me in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Oh my God! What if the new guy was replacing me not Gay Boss. Oh, lets see him try and do that. I'll tell him a thing or two. Tell him where to shove his stupid pathetic....

"(CEO) has made a decision not to continue business with (Solicitor's Law Firm )." Solicitor told me matter of factly.

"Oh my God! Why?" It was a complete shock. Solicitor's Law Firm have always looked after the company. What the hell was CEO playing at.

"It's nothing personal of course. Well, now that we've got that out of the way, what shall we order for dessert?"

That night Solicitor and I went home fuming with anger. We marched around the house. I slammed my purse on the kitchen counter and flung my coat onto the sofa. Solicitor ranted and swore.

I could not believe CEO would do something so ridiculous. I regretted asking Solicitor to join us for dinner. I had no idea that his law firm would suffer. How could this happen?

I called Gay Boss and told him about the evening. I told him about the new guy and I told him about CEO's decision to stop working with Solicitor.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Why would he do something so stupid!" Gay Boss was in complete shock about the law firm. "Elise, I'm going next week. I hoped that he'd consider you for my job, I really did. We'll talk more on Monday."

He hung up.


KaB said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...CEO has a mega thing for you...come on...when you told him you'd like to bring Solicitor to dinner he was perplexed?!? Now he has had time to think about stuff & has terminated working with Solicitor's company...the guy is a twat man! He couldn't even tell you at first, you had to return to the table & find out from Solicitor!

No man! Come the fuck on!

I don't know how you've managed to stay there...Gay Boss has the right idea...get the fuck out of dodge Elise! Do your thing & make headway sweet cheeks!

Wow! Shocker!

sweets said...

elise hun, take your stuff and go, really, this is getting more complicated by the day...

hayley-emsley said...

Yeh tangled web starting to happen here, you are too good to be mixed up in all these pathetic office politics!

They don't deserve you!

Elise said...

Don't worry guys, I'll be off in a little while.

I'm still trying to set up my own business. My actual job isn't time consuming and I get paid a fair bit for it.

I'm using my time to sort things out for myself xx

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh wow, hectic hectic hectic!

Hope all was okay on Monday - tell us more!!

roentarre said...

Lucky that you have such a rich experience working everyday. Always a fan of your life journey here

Slyde said...

gay boss leaving, solicitor losing a contract... thats some damn depressing dinner experience you had there...

solicitor's firm has many more contracts, i hope....

Polgara said...

Elise get out of there! Talk about back stabbing!
You get your own business up and running and concentrate on that and Solicitor.
They'll make you so much happier!
Pol x

Malach the Merciless said...

This would also make a good musical, think about it . .

bRaT said...

You're leaving... Excellent... they don't know how much you're worth to them anyway... you know how the company works, so you might as well just start up your own... :)

And when you do, please do tell me... I'd make an excellent IT support guy... I really would... You only have to give me a shot... I'm not kidding either...

B.E. Earl said...

You don't want Gay Boss' job. The title alone would force you to drop Solicitor and turn lesbian. ;)

Getty72 said...

hey friend :) My goodness, things are getting complicated for you. I know you'll do the right thing, whatever you do.

Good luck with setting up your own business. At least when you complain about your boss then, I will know who to!

Sending you lots of warm wishes ~ Graham xx

lotus07 said...

Ow....the passion, the intrigue, they mystery....a lot more exiting than my office,

C.Rag said...

CEO wants to ruin his company.

Put me down for an advance company of Wanker's book. It sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

oh wow...can't wait to read the next post! haha that CEO is such a douche - can't believe he isn't even gonna continue business with solicitor's firm! ugh.

i hope you get your own business up and running soon...:)

Tamara said...

Wow... your life sounds interesting. It would sound less so if you didn't write well. Will definitely be back.

Pixie said...

Leave Elise x - and buy some black lippa !!!!

Pix x

happy snapper said...

Wow, it gets crazier! Why would CEO do such a stupid thing?

I agree, get out of there now, before the shit hits the fan and you're standing infront of it.

you deserve WAAAAAAAY better! x

Cocaine Princess said...

"Yes. I imagine someone taking magic mushrooms could come up with something very similar."


Yet another sign my sweet Elise to start your own buisness.
Enjoy your few days off babe.

Cocaine Princess

Slyde said...

so, any new developments?