Tuesday, 15 April 2008

An Eventful Night

Sruffy Artist is working with the opposition!

Stoner has been slightly suspicious of his behaviour over the last few days. Apparently Scruffy Artist is in contact with CEO. He leaves the room to take "private" phone calls.

Stoner and Scruffy Artist are our Creative Team. They get to work at around 11am every morning and they leave when they're work is done. According to Stoner, Scruffy Artist has been arriving early to send off emails. Stoner specifically came in at 8am yesterday to see what time Scruffy Artist arrived. He was already there, sitting at his desk sending off emails.

Gay Boss is aware of this. He noticed Scruffy Artist's behaviour a week ago.

Stoner hacked into Scruffy Artist's email last night. Of course this is illegal. But if he were to print out the last communication between Scruffy Artist and show it to me it would read:


I'd like to thank you for encouraging (Wanker) to come and speak to us about the business plans for the future. I now fully understand the new plan.

I have been gathering the information that you require. I shall email it over to you by close of business on Friday.

Kind Regards,

(Scruffy Artist)

What information?? Scruffy Artist is taking the piss! What business plan? Wanker had no idea what he was talking about.

Stoner thinks the sole purpose of Wanker being here was to find an Allie for CEO. Ideally I would be the best candidate. I'm close to Gay Boss and I have a deep understanding on how the business is run. Unfortunately Wanker could not get a word in edge ways.

Scruffy Artist is very easily led. Wanker probably drew him in with promotional offers.

I suddenly feel like the company politics have turned into a full blown war. It won't be long before I'll lose it and leave. I doubt there are many people in this world that would put up with this kind of crap.

I need patience. I'm still in the process of setting up my own business. I just need to deal with this for a couple of months. Then I can kiss this fucking place goodbye. (Excuse my French).

After talking it over with Stoner I decided to accept CEO's offer of dinner on Friday. Stoner thinks I should try to keep the peaceful front that CEO has managed to perfect. Meanwhile I should use this opportunity to figure out his game plan.

Actually I should use this opportunity to have some fun....

I called him just before I left work yesterday.

"Elise! How are you my dear?"

"I'm very well thank you. Just a quick call regarding dinner on Friday."

"Oh of course. Have you made up your mind? I would love you to accept."

"Yes. Yes I'd love to come. I'd like to bring my partner if that's okay?"

"Your partner?"

"Yes. You've probably heard of him. He's taken over from Paddy as the company lawyer?"


"Oh. So you're dating him are you?"

"Yes. Is it okay to bring him? It'll make us an even group."

"Of course you may bring him. I look forward to properly meeting with him."

And I look forward to an eventful night...


C.Rag said...

Scruffy Artist needs to get his nose out of CEO's ass.

Polgara said...

Oh god i cant wait to hear about the dinner.
Apart from the fact that he obviously totally underestimates you, Solicitor will scare the pants of him!
Pol x

sweets said...

maybe CEO was planning a dinner for two??

Kitty said...

I look forward to the report of your eventful night! x

Poetikat said...

So, it's all going down on Friday, huh? Scruffy's sending the lowdown and you and Solicitor are infiltrating the Lion's Den. Delicious! Ooh, I can't wait.

(By the way, you make me laugh, Elise "Pardon my French". Ha ha ha.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

OOoooooh!! you're such a detective!!! Your blog is always so exciting! I can't wait to learn more about this dinner get together! :D

jeff said...

You make the corporate business sound so tempting to get into, I think I know what I want to do, excuse my sarsasm.

bRaT said...

Always like a Stephen King or something... :)Can't wait for the next bit :)

Slyde said...

ive said it before, but you have the most exciting office life i have ever heard of...ever.

lotus07 said...

When offices melt down, they are like nuclear reactors....they melt down exponentially. Better put on your radiation suit.

Malach the Merciless said...

Seriously you need to write a book, and I will do the cover.

hayley-emsley said...

oooooooooooooh CEO sounded taken aback! He knows you mean business!

happy snapper said...

OOh, I bet CEO never saw that coming. Looking forward to the Dinner story! :)

KaB said...

God, CEO sounds like the biggest wanker out! I don't know how you stand it!

Take him for what he's worth at dinner...although, judging by what we've read, his character is rather dodgy!

I can't believe Scruffy Artist is in cahoots with that lot...what a twat! He'll probably be the first to get the chop!

Pixie said...

and the next installment is???????????

Lopz said...

*leans forward and waits in anticipation*

Daisy said...

hope things turn out okay. without damage, to be exact.

though yes, you do have a very colorful office life. :D

Cocaine Princess said...

I think you too are the best candidate sweetie!
Cocaine Princess

Michelle Hix said...

Does Solicitor know what you are getting him into?