Thursday, 7 May 2009

Using Sex To Get Your Way

Sometimes a woman has to use sex to get her way. It seems to work for me on most occasions.

Last night I hadn't bothered cooking. I'd spent all day curled on the sofa reading a Sidney Sheldon book that I bought years ago but never had the time to read. It was only when I heard Solicitor's key in the front door that I stood up and thought "Crap!"

Before he opened the front door a made a quick run for the stairs. I didn't have time to choose and outfit so I simply stripped down to my thong and slipped into a pair of heels.

"Elise?" He called.

"I'm up here." I called back.

"What are we having for dinner? I'm starving."

"Come up." I call again.


"No I'll wait down here."

Crap. It's not going to work this time.

"Come up, I've missed you."


"You haven't cooked have you?"


"I was thinking we should work up an appetite first." I stepped down the stairs and grinned at him. "But if you're not in the mood, I'll go and cook."

Solicitor smiled.

"Yeah, I'm pretty hungry." He ran a gently hand down my cheek (I'm not telling you which one). "What are you planning on cooking?"

"Whatever you want."

He nodded. "I was kind of hoping for stake." He dropped a quick kiss on my forehead. "Thanks babe." And he casually walked up the stairs.

Okay. It wasn't working this time. I was hoping he'd say something on the lines of "Let's order in." or "Oh since you haven't started cooking, let's go out." But noooo. My darling partner can resist a naked woman in heels and a thong.

Let's see for how long.

I poured him a cold beer and placed it so very nicely on the kitchen counter, and slipped on my apron. I love my apron, it's cotton 50's style with printed strawberries. Hopefully Solicitor will like it too. After all, the colour and trimming is perfect for a naked woman....

Right. Dinner. I began peeling the potatoes. I completely engrossed myself in cooking. Once I get started I quite like it. I didn't even hear Solicitor enter the kitchen.

"Carling?" He said sipping the beer.

I jumped and gave a little yelp.

"You snuck up on me!" I cried.

Solicitor laughed. "No I didn't. You just remembered how much you like cooking for your man."

"Uh huh. And that's the only thing I'm going to be doing for my man tonight." I huffed.

I jumped again when he walked behind me and slid his hand up my back. His hand was cold from the beer glass and I gasped.

"Is that a fact?" He kissed my bare shoulder. I dropped my potato peeler and leaned back onto him.

Sigh. Sometimes I'm shocked that I ended up with him. That he chose to be with me. He's absolutely gorgeous. And sexy. And I love the way he bites my neck like that. Right at my pulse. And-

"Do you mind making an apple crumble for dessert?"


Hold on. What?

"Thanks babe."

No. No, that wasn't supposed to happen.

Solicitor leaned against the counter casually and sipped his beer.

"Chelsea, Barcelona tonight. Think you can be done by kick off?"

Hold on. The football? He's talking about football. There's absolutely no way I'm making an apple crumble for him. How dare he?

He absently trailed his fingers over my hips. I wonder if we have any cinnamon...? No Stop! Get a grip.

"Do you want to have sex?"

Oh my God! Why was I asking him? He was supposed to ask me! That was the plan.

"Sure. After the game." He sipped his beer and grinned. "And if the crumble's good enough of course."


Malach the Merciless said...

HA! I would do the same thing! Craxy Women!

Cocaine Princess said...

I'm guessing it wasn't the cheek on your face, right?

Being kissed on the bare shoulder, bites on the neck....God I miss that.

Trée said...

Dreamy post Elise. Your prose flows like warm chocolate, begging to be licked into the next paragraph, the next line of dialogue lingering on the lips, glistening with lustful anticipation of a curve, a look, a touch, the delight of communication without words, of a dance of eyes and a ballet of fingers on flesh as dunes and hair shimmering as silk on a canopy bed. Can you tell I liked this post? :-D

Slyde said...

he's just teasing you. We men like to at least pretend we have a say-so in the sex dept once in a while...

littlesack said...

hahah! that was super dreamy!!

things always work out that way don't they...?

Bambi said...

I love seduction- but i'm dying to know how he played that off, you, naked in an apron? LOL- You deserve some kind of night out for YOU after that! :)

One & Only said...

Love it! It was one of those stories that you just cant help but to keep reading in hopes it gets juicier and juicier......

Peter Mc said...

Wait, wait, wait, rewind that, I need to know how that's done! He must have some will power! My girlfriend has me wrapped around her finger! I'm so whipped! Ha! x

Elise said...

LOL! Trust me it went on longer than that. I swear it was the longest football game in the world and I still have no idea what happened through it... But thats x-rated reading and I'm not sure I could write that xx

Bina said...

Wow! You were getting me all excited, imagining that was me and my husband, and then WHAM!!

What a tease your husband is!

Anthony said...

Haha, very nice.

angel said...

Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa... Sorry, I shouldn't giggle but that was really funny!