Monday, 20 April 2009

Gift Wrapped

Stoner leaned over the coffee table and studied the little box.

"Yeah, it's perfect."

I smiled and began wrapping the box. I'm not great with wrapping presents. For some reason I always manage to rip the corners. Sellotape is used liberally, and one ends always ends up with more wrapping paper than the other. I have to make an extra fold to stick it down.

"Don't tell Bimbo." I whispered glancing up at the door to make sure she hadn't arrived. "She'll start crying or do something else dramatic. In fact, don't tell anyone."

Saturday afternoon was bright and sunny. I invited Stoner and Bimbo over for the day. Solicitor went to the pub with a few of his friends to watch the football. Stoner arrived first. I purposely asked him to be there early because I had something to show him and I needed his advice.

"Holy shit!" was pretty much his reaction.

I felt a flutter of nerves.

"This is big isn't it?" I asked him


When a big moment takes place in life it often makes people think of the bigger picture. When you graduate from education you suddenly realise that the world is you oyster. That there are many different career paths. That you are now a fully qualified adult.

I tend to think of stupid little things. When I graduated from university the first thing I realised was "I won't get discount at HMV anymore."

Because of my warped mind I needed a logical friend to give me some logical advice. Stoner is my pillar of logic. The voice of reason. The one person that I can rely on to say something that will bring perspective.

"I don't know what to say."

Oh my God! That's it. It was a bad idea.

"You think he'll hate the idea."

Stoner's eyes widened in surprise. "It's only an idea?!"

"The present." I said patiently. "The actual meaning is real. Don't you think it's cute?"

"Right..." He slowly nodded.

"Yeah, it's a good idea." He paused. "Cute."

"Check out the colours." I said enthusiastically. "You like?"

He leaned over the coffee table and peered into the box.

"Yeah, it's perfect."

Solicitor arrived home later that night to a candle lit dinner for two. I'd changed into the little black dress that he loves and I stood by the table nervously biting my bottom lip. He smiled when he saw my efforts.

"Wow. Something smells good."

"Thai." I said as he gently kissed me.

"Nope. You."

My knees buckled slightly as he nuzzled at my neck.

"I've got a present for you." I told him pointing at the badly wrapped box on the table.

Solicitor frowned.

"Did I forget some kind of anniversary?" He asked.

"Just open it."

When he picked up the box I sank into my chair. He took his time peeling off the sellotape. Why couldn't he just rip the wrapping paper? I wanted to scream in frustration.

When he finally peeled off enough tape to open one side of the wrapping, I panicked and jumped to my feet. My arm clumsily knocked my glass of orange juice onto the floor.


My fingers shook as I bent down to pick up the glass.

"What's wrong with you?" Solicitor asked squatting beside me holding my wrists.

"Just open the present, will you!" I snapped back.


He pulled the wrapping off and stared. Silently. God, please say something, I begged.

"Is this...?"

I nodded.

"Are you...?"

I nodded again.

He placed the box of tiny baby booties on the table and pulled me into his arms.


presious said...

WOW! Congradulations!! :) How far are you? How are you feeling? What are you thinking? You will love being a mother! It is an awesome thing to carry a little life, to feel it move, to know a little person binds you and the one you love!!

Details! Details! :)

Cocaine Princess said...

OMG you're having a baby!!!! Congratulations Elise! I'm so happy for you!! You're going to soon learn the meaning of unconditional love! You're going to make a great mommy.

The Divine Miss M said...

OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD! Congratulations!!! :)

Elise said...
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Elise said...

Presious: As far as I know about 7 weeks. I feel so tired all the time! Oh and I'm nervous. I have to break the news to my family. LOL more details next post xx

Princess: I hope so!

Miss M: I think I paced around the house for hours saying the same thing over and over when I found out!

Thanks all xx

Natasha said...

Ooooh congratulations!

Now what colour were those booties?

Hope you are not feeling too sick! I thought as much when I read it was orange juice that fell on the floor!

Kitty said...

Yay! Congratulations to you and Solicitor. That feeling tired thing is completely normal - it's a killer isn't it? You'll feel much better in a few weeks. Take care of yourself. x

Elise said...

Natasha: The booties are yellow and white. They are so adorable I almost cried in the shop. Okay I cried a little. xx

Elise said...

Kitty: Yup, it's definitely a killer. I can't keep my eyes open half the time :) xx

Getty72 said...

WOW!! OMG!!! Dearest Elise, I am soooo pleased for you :o) You are going to be a mum with the pitter patter of tiny feet running around. Awwwwww I send you the biggest, warmest cyber hug in the world! I really and truly am sooo pleased!!!! Now you really are going to have to brush up on those camera! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Bina said...

How sweet! Congratulations!!!!!

Malach the Merciless said...

Nice job!

The Drifter said...

Thank You for your comment. Thank You for the lovely compliment. So you have a child coming? How beautiful.

Hayley-Emsley said...

Aww Elise, Congratulations!!! I have just read all the posts i have missed the past few weeks and i am all caught up!

SO CUTE!!! Well done, Solicitor was right about hurrying up so your kids can play with Bimbo's kids! It's going to be so nice as well as you both will be pregnant together!

Elise said...

Hayley! You're back and I've missed you! xx

Bharat said...

OMG Elise :)

You disappeared for a while, or maybe I did.. Thanks for commenting, it's nice to know someone remembers my blog (even if I don't :P). So thank you.

Oh, and Congratulations :D I'm glad you're happy :) Just finished reading up on all your posts (Here's to hoping you have someone to help you out when you're the one 'using' up that couch)

This comment has gotten too long, and I haven't even talked about this French restaurant :) Write back here or on my profile!

Elise said...

Bharat, Yeah I noticed the gap in your posts. Looks like I'm not the only one to have taken a holiday.

I definitely have a craving for some french cusine now that you mention it... I doubt it has anything to do with my little bundle :)

tiff said...

If you start to crave grilled ANYTHING, it's a boy.


(Here from Malach's)

Slyde said...

wow! congrats! im so happy for you!

C.Rag said...