Monday, 19 May 2008

Cutie Pie

I'm finding it difficult to control my anger.

New Guy is slightly sexist. Its rubbing off on some of the other guys.

Good Girl....????

Fuck you!

People are beginning to call me Honey. I don't mind one of my close friends calling me Hun. I do mind a work colleague calling me Honey in a patronising voice.

"Honey, do you mind checking the Client Activity for the past two years? There's a Good Girl."

New Guy is just like CEO. He thinks I'm stupid. He's sending me random documents.

"Do you mind amending the spacing on this Sweetheart. Thanks a million."

Yes I do mind! I'm not a secretary.

Whenever anyone asks me to do something I just don't bother doing it. Why should I? It's not my job.

This morning I had an episode with Scruffy Artist in the main foyer. I bumped into him on my way to the chocolate machine. He smiled at me and said.

"Hey babe. You got any idea where I should put the designs? Do me a fav a create a new folder on the server. Thanks a million."

I lost it.

"Do not call me babe. I am not your fucking secretary so you create your own fucking folder. Frankly, I am fucked off with the way you've all started to fucking talk. You're a bunch of fucking sheep. Following like sheep, and getting fucked like sheep."

I was in the middle of talking about sheep when I realised that a crowd had developed. Stoner was desperately trying not to burst out laughing. I could hear him trying to control his snorts. Scruffy Artist looked embarrassed.

"Right... well... good."

I turned and slowly walked up the stairs. My head held high. Trying my best not to look like some crazed psychopath. When I got to the first floor I began running. I shut myself in my office and tried to control my breathing.

God I'm so unfit. How can sprinting up another flight of stairs and running down a corridor leave me so out of breath? I can't believe I actually thought about running the marathon.

Stoner knocked on my door a few minutes later.

"Are you okay?"

He was trying hard to keep a straight face. I stared at him. He couldn't hold it. He started laughing. He didn't stop.

"That was so funny! I've never seen so many people look so shocked. Sheep? What the hell were you thinking?"

I made us a cup of tea. We sat against the office door sipping and talking. I told him that I felt like I was being patronised. That I hated the way everyone seemed to be doing it. The attitude was catching on fast. He nodded sympathetically.

"Not just you. (Bimbo) feels the same way. (Preppy) from accounts is a little pissed off too. Yesterday (New Guy) called her Cutie Pie and winked."

I laughed. Preppy is not cute. She's a strong feminist and scorns at women that do not choose to follow a career path. She thinks its an insult to what women have worked hard to achieve.

"Maybe you guys should form a feminist group. Go on a march around the building. Burn your bra."

I smacked Stoner lightly on his leg.

"What?" He looked at me innocently. "I'd love to see you all take of your bras. Show us all a little bit of..."

He stopped.

"Yeah, you're right. It's catching on."


B.E. Earl said...

I've got a friend who calls new women he meets "Me Dear" all the time.

Besides sounding fucking stupid, I tell him that it sounds condescending. Oooh, I hate it.

Kitty said...

Hmmmm ... wonder how he'd feel if you started calling him 'darling'?

Cheeky git - doesn't he have a secretary to sort out his spacing?


lotus07 said...

I work in a government office that is 95% female.....this sort of thing would get me fired so fast, it isn't pretty, nor funny.

Bharat said...

heh... and then there's 'luv' and 'bird'... It's sort of like 'LOL'... just plain wrong, and slightly retarded...

Malach the Merciless said...

This business your is, this sound so much like 1980's corporate America.

Polgara said...

Good to have you back Elise!
I worked somewhere where the boss called everyone Flower and Petal
Pol x

Bridget said...

If someone I don't want ton call me an disgusting endearment does, I always call them an asshole. To their faces. So I'll refer to them as, "Hey asshole, sorry asshole." Till they get the message.

sweets said...

next time ask one of the guys to do something for you in a very patronizing way and then finish it off with...

there's a good boy :)

C.Rag said...

Just start calling the guys Big Boys & other doting names too.

Glugster said...

Don't start calling them names. They're men. They won't get it. They'll think you like them.

LOL. You'll just have to ask them to stop, or live with it till you leave.

happy snapper said...

Ah how annoying!
Im the only female in my office. There's 3 other men. But none of them speak to me like that thankfully. My head designer and I though have a mutual understanding.

Yeah, I think you should just be upfront with New guy and tell him straight that you don't appreciate his pet names and tone. You're in a work place, not an ass-slapping bar.

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Oh, that is infuriating! I would start calling the men sexist names, too.

Or sue for sexual harassment like we do here, hehe.

Craig said...

I reckon, whats good for the goose.... turn it a round and have some fun with it (get the other girls in on it) Most men are almost terminally terrified of predatory women. You will soon get your point across

Slyde said...

yeah, i work in the HMO field, and my office is about 85 percent women.

i think speaking like that to anyone but my closest friends would get my ass beaten, then fired... in that order.

hayley-emsley said...

I know how you feel, Phil's brother calls me "love" and i hate it. Especially coming from him! But i just say "i aint 80 years old and i aint your love!" EW EW

hayley-emsley said...

P.S, I miss ya visiting me! xxx

Cocaine Princess said...

I agree. I don't mind when men call women sweet nicknames, as long as it's not said in a demeaning way. Hope you're well sweet girl!

Cocaine Princess

Getty72 said...

Next time he calls you "sweetheart" or "Honey", when he asks you something, just reply "Okay, little dick"... He'll soon get the message, lol!

This is the sort talk belongs on "Life on Mars" not in the office.

Working for a Japanese company, all our Japanese colleagues have to go through training on how to treat western women, before they are allowed to come over here. We'd be in tribunals every day otherwise... lol! Perhaps "New Guy" needs to enroll on a similar course.