Friday, 7 December 2007

Sexy Models...?

I've never "hated" my body. I'm perfectly happy with my breasts, thighs and ass. I've never purchased cellulite cream or been on a crash diet or complained about being fat. I like the shape of my nose and my big eyes. I'm lucky to have thick, long hair. I don't have to blow dry it or straighten it. A few brushes with a hairbrush normally does the trick.

Last night everything changed. I spent the night at Solicitors and I found a picture of his ex wife. She is absolutely beautiful! Her hair is paler and blonder than Bimbo's. Its cut stylishly short emphasising her big brown eyes. She has a tall, thin model figure. Her camera pose is as perfect as Posh Spice's. The right amount of attitude that oozes sophistication. I suddenly felt frumpy and odd.... It was not a nice feeling.

Solicitor saw me looking at the photograph and he probably guessed what I was thinking about. He pulled me into his arms and told me that nobody has ever turned him on as much as I do. Now I know that all you guys probably think that's a great thing to say, and I suppose in a normal situation it would be, but it made me feel like a cheap porn star!

Solicitor's ex wife was a model! She used to strut up and down runways showing off fashion for a living.

Solicitor told me that models are not sexy. I beg to differ. If models do not have the "ideal" figure then why are they the ones modelling fashion? More people find Keira Knightly's boyish figure more appealing than Catherine Zete-Jones's curves....

Any thoughts or opinions?


X-Man said...

I agree with Solicitor..I don't find models sexy...well at least not the runway models...They are way too skinny! When a girl's rib cage is pokin out through her chest - that is NOT sexy! I saw an episode of America's next top model (I think that was the show) and one of the judges told this one girl to lose weight. She was the ONLY ONE who looked good! All the others had scrawny chicken legs and no boobs. PUT SOME MEAT ON THOSE BONES!!

I find someone like Eva Mendez to be very sexy. She's got curves and all the right female features...unlike these professional regurgitators we see walking the runways.

dh stern said...

it seems i'm not the only one lamenting today. i have never seen you, but, you're words paint a lovely picture.

Wendiva said...

hmm...models photograph well but catherine zeta jones is definitely hotter than keira knightly. and from ur 1st paragraph, u sound GORGEOUS!!!!

Belle said...

Real woman have curves... 'Nuff said! Lol! I feel with you tho.. I'm not skinny either! I'm a size 8! So there! I've never had any complaints..

xox, Belle

Slyde said...

i would have to agree with your BF.

I dont find the waifish, boyish look sexy at all. While i'll generally go ga-go over a pair of long legs, i will sidle up to the sexy, curvy girl over the too-skinny girl at the bar, everytime...

Juliana RW said...

Hi Elise,

I have 2 awards for you. Check out at my blog :D

hayley-emsley said...

Elise, you sound beautiful! Models are only beautiful because they have dozens of make up artists and hair stylists. You sound gorgeous and i agree with everyone else, men prefer a curvier woman, i have loads of lad mates and they all confirmed it.

Skinny women look boney and fragile, men like to be able to swing ya round the bedroom without thinking they will break you! Curvy women are more womanly.

Keep your confidence, that is the sexiest!

Hayley x

Malach the Merciless said...

Personally I would choose someone like you over any model.

Kitty said...

I have NEVER heard a man express a passion for a skinny, angular model. The reason they are models are because couturiers say their clothes 'hang' better on models. (That would be because they don't have enough 'body' to fill out the clothes).

Believe me, whatever shape you are, it's a whole lot healthier than 'model' shape.

:-) x

moooooog35 said...

Give me Zeta-Jones any day.

No..seriously...give her to me.

I think I could take Michael Douglas in a fight if it ever came down to it.

C.Rag said...

Seriously! People find No Tits Knightly sexier than Catherine Zeta Jones. This is one FUCK UP world we live in.

I figured models had to be super skinny b/c you want to see the clothes not the person.

A Girl, A Boy, and Me said...

Okay -I admit I have more of a crush on Kiera than Catherine.

I'd love a "boyish" figure. Breasts are a nuisance, I spend hours at the store deciding if I should get the C cup or D cup - why isn't there a c and a half???? I'd love to be able to skip wearing a bra.

Besides, she hasn't succummed to the Hollywood plastic body part club...I respect that!

Michelle Hix said...


I can't tell you how many guys have told me the same thing. I'm pretty small but by no means am I straight up and down and guys seem to appreciate it. They also appreciate a girl that can "hang out" and not take 3 hours to get ready to go to the movies. By the way, here's the link to my tattoo probably missed that post. This is on the day of one of my laser treatments so its pretty yucky.

Kathleen said...

Well, Elise when I started to read this I thought you were going in a totally different direction. Your description of yourself and the title of the post made me think you were going to say that YOU wer the model. Forget about the stick-insect, pasty faced, run-way girls. I'm sure Solicitor can see you are a real and beautiful woman. Never mind the ex.


Thanks for your comments on the Note to Self poem.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Models make clothes look good, but their bodies are often angular and boney. A body that is nourished, healthy, strong and shapely is the choice of most men.

But, how you feel about yourself is what makes you gorgeous. That lovely sexual aura of a female who likes who she is and how she looks is what works the best.

Having said that, I know where you are coming from having spent my entire life hating my own body.

Stella said...

Hey! Ever since you commented on my blog I meant to visit yours. I'm glad I did since it's very swanky-looking :)

As for the subject of your post, I'm going to repeat a conversation I once had with a friend on the subject of beauty:

Friend: Don't you understand that even identical twins have the slightest differences? Don't you see that DNA has been combined millions upon millions of times, each time producing something different? Something special? Do you understand what that means?
Me: You're going to get poetic on me now, aren't you?
F: Drop the irnoy. I'm serious.
M: Irony dropped. Continue.
F: [eyeing me with slight anoyance] Every person is special.
M: Right, we're all special. Which means we're all alike.
F: No, you sarcastic ninny, that's not it at all. It means there is no one like you in the whole world, there never has been, and there never will be again. What could be more beautiful than that?

roentarre said...

Ohhh, nooooooo. Elise, people are sexy as a result of everything in the character.

Sure you heard what "no personality" really means. I saw cute guys and girls with outstanding looks get free drugs by offering their bodies.

"I am beautiful beautiful. Take me and give me drugs."

Be confident and be as you are. If you are not happy with something, only change it as you see fit!

Simply Curious said...

You could always post a picture of your ass on your blog like I did. It's great for self esteem!

No one can call High Fashion Models normal. They're fucking 12 feet tall and weigh 80 pounds.

I went through years of being bulimic and very underweight. Don't ever feel like less of a person than you are. You sound lovely.

Clueless Cat said...

Actually, a lot of guys don't actually WANT someone with a model's stick-thin, boyish figure. Most 'normal' men like, well, more cushion for the pushin than what the runway has to offer!

Anyway, the standard of beauty in the fashion world is ridiculous, and without all the makeup, lighting, and designer clothes, they're just another tall, thin woman on the streets.

A lot of the models I've worked with or seen up close are not actually that attractive, but happen to photograph really well.

I'm sure you're beautiful, and I hope you're not still feeling like a cheap porn star! I'm sure (as you are too, I bet) that he only meant it in the best way possible. :)

Cocaine Princess said...

As a fashion model myself, hmm, what do I say?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if Solicitor thinks you are beautiful, then you must be. Don't doubt it.

Cocaine Princess

Pixie said...

Mrs ex Solicitor probably has bad breath and rubbish in bed - why else would he leave her? You my darling obviously do not have bad breath and hot in bed - what more can a Solicitor ask for?

Daszzle said...

I think it sucks so much how the media extremely influences our idea of female "beauty." Had we been born a few centuries earlier... curves would be in and Kiera Knightly would be viewed as sickly. It always boosts my ego to see Dove or other such commercials that show off all types of women. I'm not saying big is better... I just think we should be able to pass as beautiful regardless of falling into one shape or size range. Both skinny and curvy should have aligning spotlights and appreciation.

Buzzardbilly said...

Have you ever talked to a model, Elise?

Vapid doesn't even begin to cover it most of the time.

I think most people who are worth being with see beauty in real life as an extension of the whole package...looks, personality, compatability, etc. Looks is only part of the equation and the worth of their looks would be wholly dependent on personality, compatability, etc.

What people long to see in pictures is another thing.

It's a damn shame the media doesn't dissiminate that info along with all the visually pleasing photos of people you would want to kill if you had to spend 10 minutes trapped in an elevator with them in a totally nonsexual way.

Wonderfuly post, but do not doubt yourself. If Solicitor were the kind of shallow person who valued model-worthiness over all else, he'd still be with the model (or one like her). Sounds like he was much smarter than that.

Amanda said...

Nah, I know plenty of people who prefer Catherine to Kiera. Personally, I'm shaped like a boy and I would kill for some curves: you know, some boobs or something.

People have different preferences, some like the skinny figures because they're more delicate (supposedly) and some like the curves because, well, they're curves. Personally, I'd listen to Solicitor. You'll drive yourself mad trying to compete with his ex when she apparently wasn't hot enough to stay married to him.

WendyB said...

It's a normal reaction to seeing someone's ex...just push it out of your mind. She's his ex, isn't he? Her nice hairdo and skinny body weren't enough to prevent a breakup.